Sunday, June 13, 2010


We have managed to get our last days pretty planned out, or is that our friends have planned out our last days here in Richland.?

Besides the normal refrain of "Why Ecaudor?" or "But what will you DO there?" we are now hearing... I can't believe its already time for you to go! It went so fast! It always makes my heart warm when someone calls and says, what do you have scheduled for this date...? Our days are filling up, and it means so much to us that our friends are squeezing in time to hang out with us before we leave.

I thought I would share some of our fun times with friends that we have had this last few days.
I think I have mentioned that Randy rides his scooter (Vespa ET4) to a local coffee hotspot called Barracudas. They have a designated smoking spot way back on their deck and you can find Randy there each morning enjoying his coffee and cigars.

The story behind this place is that the original owner sold his "baby" Cuda to start the business, He later  sold it to a young couple with the stipulation that he gets free coffee for life.  Here is Jake & Michelle the cute owners!

Some other things we enjoy is going to Yard Sales... well we do usually go to buy but now days we go to commiserate with those having the sale and generally reflect on how glad we are that we aren't doing it ourselves. This is our "scooter trash" friends Jennifer, John and Hattie Jane.

My officemates and supervisor had a nice going away dinner for me on Wednesday. We had a nice time at
 3 Margaritas. I was surprised with a beautiful arrangement of longstemed roses and daisies.

Kelsey came to move her things out and I just have to show you her idea of helping to pack. Its pretty indicative of things to come dont you think?

Later in the week she came back and packed up her car again with even more things. I am still waiting to see pictures of where she is putting all this in her little apartment.

Our friends Robin and Jim just bought a Party Barge. Well I guess the real name is a Pontoon Boat, but its really going to be a party barge!

 The weather had turned really warm, and the day on the Columbia River was a real nice way to relax after work.

We followed up with a South American Wine tasting in Prosser on Thursday. There is our friend Glenda, she and Randy were terrorizing me with bad wine tasting etiquette, knowing that I am a total rule follower!

This Saturday my friend Tawnee who had moved to Seattle about 10 years ago came down to visit before we leave. She brought a friend and of course, girls just want to have fun so we went wine tasting!                              

Monday is my last real day at work. So check in later this week and see what new last minute excitement we can get up to! 

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