Monday, March 29, 2010


Today I thought was going to be just another Monday... get up at 4:30 a.m., be at work by 6:00 a.m. That all worked out ok for me, but it went down hill soon afterwards.

It started at 6:30 when I was in a coworkers office and she received a outside call (noted by the double ring), It was a mutual friend calling to find out what was going on with me... she had just received an email stating that I was in London, and had been mugged..etc.. she was so happy to know it was all a ruse, but very upset.

I went back to my office and checked my bank accounts, and they seemed ok, so I changed my paswords and then the phone rang... my friend/coworker (who works in internet security) called .. I said, No John, I am not in London, and I was not mugged... he says, yes, I am on with them right now! OMG... I said can you track them down? He was not sure, but did get into accounts I couldnt access from work and changed up my passwords hoping to slow the crooks down.

I ended up going home, and changing my bank accounts, and contacting the internet banking fraud numbers, calling relatives and friends who knew that we are going to Ecuador... it was a very stressful day..

But you know what really stood out? The love...the concern and the caring of all my friends who are close by, who are far away and even the concern of banking officials to help me end run this low life. I realize that I have tons of people who care about me, and even though we dont talk that often they really come through when they think I am having "issues".

So today did not go as planned but I did learn a few lessons, Keep your passwords difficult, keep your security updated and manually run scans ALOT... dont open links in messages, and remember your friends and family got your back when you need them.

Oh and Randy says... dont forget he only has 2 days left of work!!!!!!!!

Sunday, March 14, 2010


Today we made a quick trip to Ellensburg, Wa. This is a nice OLD community, lots of brick and old places with placards stating that they have been there since 1892. We appreciate it very much since the Tri-Cities was built by the government to house all the Hanford workers back in the 40's. Not too much brick and cool architechture here.

Our trip was to attend a baby shower for a family friend. She was a good friend of our daughter's, and we could not miss this special event.The shower was very nice and she is beautiful in her pregnancy. The bittersweet part was seeing all these friends of our daughters all grown up, without Roseann being there too, she would have loved it. We miss her very much.

We got to hang out with our other daughter Kelsey, she is attending Central Washington University. She was dissapointed I think that we did not fall for the poor college student scam and take her shopping, but let us off with "oh well I guess I could spend my own money..." UH, yeah... that would be a nice idea!

As we were eating lunch in an old historic building that had been there since 1892, I was reflecting on covered wagons... and how our moving to Ecuador is kind of like those settlers. They were traveling by covered wagon, to find their promised land, or gold, and a better life.
We have our planes this time. We dont seek actual gold, but do look for the richness of a better way of life and a new way of life, or one with out the 9-5 grind that has defined us for so many years.

I waxed so philosophical I fell asleep while Randy drove.......

We called off our normal Sunday nite feed, we were just too wore out. So what did we do? We ripped the house apart looking for my Digital Camera battery Charger... Lost.. gremlins, or just plain left it somewhere.. to get another one soon.

Randy decided that he would pack his stereo speakers. He has an idea that if he bubblewraps them they will be ok. I hope so. I just see the baggage handlers flinging those bags from aiplane to terminal and we open up the luggage to black boxes that rattle... alot.. I must say at this point that our reconnisance mission to Ecuador included indepth searches of local stores for stereo equipment. Randys music is like breath. He has to have it, and it has to sound good. So hopefully this will work. He is determined not to ship anything; he may find he needs a respirator when we get to Cuenca...

Tuesday, March 2, 2010


We are thrilled to report that we have an attorney.. who would have ever guessed we would be excited about that? Ms. Espinoza has directed us to contact the Ecuadorian Consulate in DC, to tie up some details, and a contact at a local bank in Quito so we can set up an account even before we get there! How wonderful.
We also had a great talk with a fellow from Cuenca who's apartment we may rent if the timing works out right.  So now thats two contacts we have that "might" work out. We just love Skype. Its amazing to me how  technology has made keeping in touch with people so easy, even across thousands of miles.  Soon after that call we heard from our friends in Cuenca. We made sure they were hale and hearty after the storm and flooding. Sounds like they are great, and their damage was limited to blossoms knocked off their patio plants. Blossoms... wow, I WISH I had blossoms to get knocked off! Just hearing their voices just energized us to make this move happen faster and faster and faster.

We were pleased that payday coincided with great sales in our local JC Pennys. We were able to stock up on our most comfortable undergarments and some other items that we think are "necessities". I just hope the customs agents dont  tear into our suitcase with all the garments wrapped around the vitamix and other breakables... It makes me giggle just thinking about it! This is the suit case that is going with our friends so hopefully they will not have to explain the strange combination of items in there!

Randys count down is getting exciting. He has only a this month and then he will be footloose and fancy free. I think when I get up at 4:30 each morning I will nudge him and see if he wants to get up and keep me company until I leave for work.. do you think he will?