Wednesday, June 23, 2010


The last few days have been just a wonderment.  The weather here has finally decided to get with it and be warm with out the Seattle rain thrown in, we have noticed that we cant find a pen or other items that we usually had tons of becasue we are really narrowing down our stash in the house... also we had 3 things happen in the last two days that have really made us feel like the "stars are aligning".

Tuesday as we are driving up the road from something,... I cant even remember what we were doing, Randy says, "you know, I am going to stop at that Vintage Electronics place, I left some stuff there gosh, about a year ago...I will probably have to pay him money, but I should stop and see if he was able to sell that stuff".
I went into the antique store next door and putdz around, well he was not done so I went next door and he said... we are almost done here.. we walked out, Randy had this astonished look on his face..(he is the half empty part of the team remember)..he says look... I got $780..omg I almost didnt stop cause it had been so long! Windfall #1

While packing and parcelingout to family, I  went though all the jewelry in my case and weeded out stuff that was junk, broken chains, old gold crowns pieces of gold jewlry that was just not usable. I had this little bundle of "scrap", Randy thought  I was funny...(half empty remember). So I called and found a place in town that bought "scrap gold", (did you know that pure gold is going for over 1200 an ounce?) So as we waited I was hoping for maybe 8o dollars... the fellow said... well these are just not gold at all, and these. well I can give you $430 for... (ok, suck the air back into my lungs)... sure that will be just fine.. Randy is just stunned. We climbed back on our scooters and I treated him to a wondeful Mexican lunch.Windfall #2

I have been haunting this poor family in Cuenca, they have an apartment that I want. Well we were hoping and hoping that this one family would move out. I know its not nice to wish others to have issues with their Visas, or travel plans, but lets just say that we were hoping something would open up for us around July.
Tonite as I was on online, I saw that the people who own the apt were on line so I did the bop in and Chat thing. The owner responded and well one thing led to another and lets just say that the stars were aligned, and the people who were renting JUST gave notice, and we are IN yes, we got MY dream place in Cuenca.
3bd 2 1/2 bth,  2k+ sqft., totally furnished, internet and all utilities included less than 500 a month. So this makes our month a Trifecta, and its not even over yet...I wonder what other wonderful things will align for us on our journey?

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  1. Glad everything is coming together for ya'll. See you soon.