Saturday, October 26, 2013


While visiting with my mom in Oregon, my niece and great nephew came up from California to visit.
It has been quite a few years since I have seen either of them so it was a very special visit for me!
After we took this picture, his mom said Max.. turn your shirt around...

Max, Kelly, me and mom

In mom's house.

Max & Great Grandma

 We had a nice visit, reminisced quite a bit and caught up on the last few years, but then it was time for them to go.  Mom made sure we all went through the photo albums first and took our favorite photos home with us.. there are a lot of photos!


I have been trying to post for the last few weeks and have been having issues with loading photos.

Here is some from my trip to the US in July! Lets hope this works.
Hooray it worked! OK, on to the rest. This is a basket in one of the towns.. I just love these flowering baskets.
I am not sure about this goats horns... aren't they incredible.. they are flat and curved.

Mom and I ate GOOOD while I was visiting!

 Oregon Coast!
 View from our room!

Holy Moley it was cold this day at the outlet mall on the coast!
But mom stopped for a great photo op!

Brother on the right, and cousins!
While in Oregon I got to go to our Family Reunion. Here are some pictures from that.
We were in Pioneer Park in Brownsville Oregon. 

Cousin Jack

My brother and his dog Hoss

Cousin Danny always is asked to sing

Mom and my crazy cousin Nancy

Cousin Jacks boots.. I just love them
More of those beautiful flower baskets!

It was sooo hot mom and I stopped for home made ice cream. These were the flowers spilling down a wall on the outside of the creamery!
I have more photos, but this blog is long enough.. will add more under another proper heading!