Friday, April 26, 2013


Frankie and I were headed out about 3:30 to walk... gorgeous day.. Randy says hey wait up I will go with you.. Well we walked for about an hour and headed home.. and oops guess what... neither one of us had our keys or phone.

I valiantly tried to climb over the fence, but because we put up a privacy wood covering on the inside I could not reach the concret lip on the opposite side with out serious damage to parts of my body that will not be named..

We walked confidently around the corner to Manon's house as she has our spare.. and she regularly uses our services of "the extra key", so we knew she would get a big kick out of being able to repay in kind.   Manon was not home... WHAT NOW?

I walked over to another friends, who I thought might have a key to Manons place... nope she did not, but she did have a phone and Manon's number... no answer... grrrr.. Ok, no problem we will wait..the dogs are in the house she can't stay out too late.

TICK TOCK... we sat in the park with our eyes glued on the only two ways she could reach her house.. nothing.

It was getting a bit nippy now, so I walked with Frankie up to Manons house to "just be sure we did not miss her". We did not miss her... so I kept walking . Around the block, I stopped at Jon and Barbies house.. they did not have an extra key to Manon's either, but again a phone.. so they tried to call her.. No answer ( it is now 4:55 and getting cold). Barbie offered me her sweater,  after my polite refusal of the use of her house, yard and food till we could get in... this is such a great community!

As I walked past my other neighbor, Teresa's house, I ring her bell.. nope she is not home. I know she does not have a key but maybe she has a ladder.

I went back and waited with Randy and Frankie...  I tell Randy that I noticed that we left the front door open so all we have to do it get over the fence.. Several variations of a theme are discussed but none are really going to be a reality ( One include me going back on the wall.. leaping out onto the papyrus and using is to slow my decent ..)

It is now closer to 6 than 5 and we are getting real chilly, and Frankie has had more than enough of this sitting around, so we decide to head up to Jon and Barbies to wait for Manon. As we walk past  Teresa's house we hear her voice.. I yell though the peep hole in her fence.. "Teresa we are locked out do you have a ladder"?? YES! Hooray we are saved!

I managed to get up on the fence, Randy holding on so I did not wobble off. He handed me the ladder,  and as I am easing the ladder over to the inside of the yard I said, "oh we are going to be so @#$% if I drop this ladder.." I did not drop it... I got over with more assistance from Randy and we obviously got in.. Whew..

I do not think we will forget our keys for quite a while... AND Manon... you are fired from being our holder of the keys... :) any one else want the job?

Saturday, April 6, 2013


We were notified about the first big ride for the local Royal Enfield dealer here in Cuenca. Great, another moto club to hang out with! We were given free Tshirts and stickers to start the ride out right!

17 Royal Enfield motorcycles, 350 cc and 500 cc. Two of us were sidecar rigs. But only one had Frankie as the high flying doxie! This was his first outing, and he did excellent. Unfortunately I only have this one photo, as I was his seat belt.

We took off with our merry group, on a wonderful sunny day. We headed out to Gualaceo, then Chordeleg and a fast trip back to Cuenca... 100K.. We arrived back in town about 2:00.  
We deviated from the group as they were going off to eat lunch.. we were watching the oncoming clouds and decided it was time to bail for home. Besides, most restaurants wont accomodate Frankie. :)

Frankie is exhausted from 4 hrs of standing with his face in the wind.. I am windburned and sunburned.. and Randy is now snoring soundly in his chair.. all adds up to a wonderful day.