Saturday, May 29, 2010


We are starting to wind up... most people wind down...I am a last minute person, and Randy is a lets get it done and just cruise to the end... well we cant because of weight contraints and really not having that many clothes... honest I I cant prepack like Randy did. He is recycling his clothes because he has already sent most down in previous trips made by our friends who already live there.

We are taking the speakers to Cuenca. Each speaker weights 39 lbs.... not much math to be done on that one...

Our friend Eddie, noted in the photo above was going to keep them for us for a later trip, but you seen he is using his good lowering technique to return them to us.

We are packing within each item that has a hole.. the shoes are filled with socks and tshirts, all the crevices around the shoes are packed with other tshirts... I wear alot of tshirts.

 I was getting some excellent advice from Randy, he has appointed himself the Manager of Packing, and it making sure that I get all my stuff that I want to take in the suitcase, if it weights in under 50lbs.

 I thought I did good.. there were somethings that I figured I didnt really need, and it seems that no one else wants them either because I tried to sell them.. Here are the "Left Behind Shoes"

We have ripped up our house and its pretty trashed, but I feel like we really started to dig in and become serious about getting ready... its starting to become more real when I see the things that are going to others or to Good Will.

Also we are not only getting our stuff ready, but our daughter Kelsey is coming this Monday to pack up her things, as well as our household items to take to her new apartment.. so we have her boxes and "things" we are giving to her.

There is more to do, and luckily we have time, but our pile of things to leave behind is gettin larger and larger, and I think our friends will be sweet if they do take alot of our "finds" and "treasures", but if not, we are totally ok that someone else will be enjoying those items.

We have our reservations for our tickets, our hotel in Quito, our appointment with our attorney Gabriella, and our reservation at the Inca Real in Cuenca. The only thing left to do is in Ecuador, and we are good with leaving that till we get there.


  1. I am so happy for you guys to be making it! I bet this has been a pre " well you can't take it with you anyway" kinda moment! Just with this rather than the "end" its the beginning of something really great! Don't forget..."Inti Raymi" will begin soon! Get the bath in your special water! Part of the ceremony to "cleanse the spirit" and start life anew. Viva Ecuador!!!

  2. Be sure you leave an address for those of us who would like to send you an old-fashioned letter someday!

  3. Thanks so much for the suggestions on a place to stay. Mick has tentatively made a reservation at the Inca Real after reading it. Thanks so much! Good luck on a new beginning! I didn't see an e-mail address.