Monday, August 27, 2012


Really, I don't have a clue.. unless I look at the calendar. Randy and I do not have a set schedule.. thank goodness! I have had to start writing things down and telling folks to email me to remind me of what we are doing... in case I don't look at the calendar! So here is my August.. first part, not so much to do... last part.. picking up..but there were all those days when things just happend!

Clarke continues with his monthly Texas Hold'em poker nites... I continue to always bring home more money than Randy. We have had some nice dinners at our neighbors house. Peter and Karen, live right up the street and for some reason we hardly have a chance to visit.. well other than Karen saving my bacon when I mess up my knitting. I also got invited to a kind of "secret pal" birthday party. It was fun, lots of laughter and just ladies enjoying their special day.

Finally I managed to work up the courage (after being hounded by a person who will not be named) to begin the Bunco games. I was a bit nervous at the beginning but we all got going and then everyone realized this was a very easy game and alot of fun! I told others that if the noise level was any measure of the fun... we were having a GREAT time. Randy was hiding out upstairs (he had a cold) and he said it was VERY loud. After Clarke's confession that he had a great time and was really surprised that he did; Randy might be convinced to play next month.

I have been hanging out at the house working on a huge knitting project, so I have dedicated a few hours a day to this, and then I do other projects.. I know, doesn't sound like me at all... I have become possessed. People show up at the house and I bring out the projects, smiling and showing off my latest creations. I know they have no interest, but I do it anyway.. maybe that is why we are not having too many visitors any more?
So here you go...This is just a tiny bit of what I have been doing.

No its not a hat.. its a hand towel... the top is a loop to button on the fridge or stove!

Randy has been busy with getting his new motorcycle "matriculated" as well as figuring out why he keeps getting stopped by the police on his scooter. They talk, he looks confused.. "no entiendo.." they wave him on..

After some talks with folks at the motorcycle shops and other friends that are Ecuadorians we found out that even though the matriculation on the scoots say they are good for 3 yrs, you still have to redo the paperwork each year! Hmmm interesting huh? So off he went to get all that done, then realized that the Honda dealer had not returned our original papers after they did their part. Thankfully, the people at Honda are great folks, and had all our papers in their files.

During one of our shopping forays Randy spotted a remote controlled helicopter sales booth... tick tock..he was thinking about them ... well he bought one (my only input was to tell him he had to start with the beginner one)

After our purchase he charged it all up and flew it around the house. We were told it's just for indoor use as its very light. What they failed to tell us was that the teeny tiny battery in the copter itself will only hold a charge for 7 minutes.. yeah.. so he doesn't get to play too long.

Can't pass up a chance to show you this sign.. I have wanted to take a picture of it for 2 yrs. I finally got the chance... Until next month!

Sunday, August 19, 2012


One Sunday we met up with our friend Nancy Hofmeister, and had Sunday brunch at the new California Kitchen location.. wow, what a spectacular setting. While we were there we saw our friend Paul Collins and asked him to join us. During this conversation he mentioned he has a Ecuadorian friend who lived in the states (TEXAS to be specific) since he was 7. He had come back to Ecuador about 20 yrs ago. This gentleman had a huge hacienda type home in Ricaurte (pronounced ree cow tay), and wanted to put on a Texas BBQ... would we be interested..? Fast forward  a week later to the trip to Ricaurte!

Our host provided transportation.. this is the little truck bus he has built. There were about 20 of us packed in the back.. We got alot of smiles and waves as we traveled the 12 miles to Ricaurte!
To the far right is our friend Paul Collins who organized this trip with the owner, who is standing next to him, sorry, I have totally forgotten his name.

Here are photos of the house when he first bought it 20 years ago.
Twenty years later and alot of love and hard work, this is the home that he restored for his family.

OH, and the food was wonderful... so much so that I only got a before picture! How silly am I ?
He was using an old boiler out of a ship as his smoker/BBQ.

Before we left he brought out his prized possesion... a baby Brahma bull. He found him on the coast. These type of bulls are not found very often here in Ecuador so this little guy is going to have a happy life smoozing the lady cows out in Ricaurte!

We had a great time, and met some very nice folks.. all because we happened to go out to breakfast! Yep, just living the life.. stay tuned more to come!