Sunday, June 20, 2010


Ugh, am I too old for this or what? It seems we have all these events to go to, and people dropping by and then there is the "rat child" who is still moving stuff out of the house. Maybe I better explain, well this really says it all... we are running out of time.

Today according to the calendar is Fathers Day, Happy Fathers day! Kelsey our daughter stopped by to give Randy two father's day cards. Both were so perfect and sweet, I think I detected a tear in his eye, or was that me blubbering over there..?

Also according to the calendar we only have two days that something or someone is not written in for us not to forget about doing or seeing. Last Thursday we had our friends little boy over for a visit. He is Randys buddy.

As you can see he is not camera shy at all!

Also on this day we had a great time with the kids. We hadn't seen Adam for quite awhile so it was a wonderful opportunity to get a quick family photo taken. Thank goodness our friend Don had come by to take his purchases of yard furniture, so we got a great picture of us together!

Friday we got to listen to Felicia sing at Casa Vino, Kelsey went with us and took pictures. Unfortunately it was artistic photos and not one of people! I am hoping someday to be living off her avant garde photos...Keep up the good work Kelsey we love your bubbly water photos!

Saturday we had our "Going Away Party" at the Leslie Groves Park. That is something I think I will also miss is the park system that following along the whole of the river, it really is a nice feature of this area!
But I digress, the party, OMG how fun, and how sweet, and well I am speechless. Our friend Jennifer and Dori put out the word, and everyone came together to get a license so we could have live electric music and alcohol in the park! How fun, and what a hoot when the guy came over and PEEEEERRRRRRed at our permit, then sulked off.. Hey lots of people came by and stopped to listen, and applaude, JD Kindle and  the Eastern Oregon Playboys are great!

We topped off the night by going over to Tammy & Rob Hastings house to continue on as it was not even dark yet... ugh. I gave out about 9pm. I was so happy to lay my head down.  Randy was up by 5am I slept until 9. I am thinking I am getting the hang of this party stuff!

I will take more pictures and try to update as we go, there is a BBQ pizza later today, now those are incredible. So after we pick up Glenda at the airport we will zip over and partake of those! Monday and Tues are open so we will probably go around and start closing out our internet (thank goodness for the wifi across the street), telephones and closing out our other utilities. Then its back to Party, Party, Rest, Party!

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  1. Would love to have been there for your "Going Away Party." But Chuck and I are so lucky that we will have you here. We are anxiously waiting your arrival.