Monday, March 11, 2013


We have lived in our rental house for 2 years. We really like this house but it does have some issues.

Here in Cuenca, when there is a problem you have to work with the landlord to convience them to fix those issues.. most of the time you fix them and just go on.

We have had a major issue with leaks in our house.. We have a wall that we called the Weeping wall because when we had huge rain storms it would just pour down the wall.. towels were pulled out and laid on the floor to catch the water.. then all of a sudden we had water that just poured out of our skylights..

Fast forward to this year..We discussed with our land lord that we would not renew our lease because A> we could not afford the increase he wrote into the lease.. and B> the leak we have been whining about has gotten so bad that it bored a hold through the ceiling tile in the bathroom.

I have been trying to tell the landlord that they just needed to cover the HUGE skylights with something because the system that they installed 40 years ago is now leaking... he just would tell me that is was the whole roof and he could not afford it.. Well now he agreed, after another MAN told him it needed a cover over those skylights.. I know.. it does not make sense to you but if you were here you could see what I am talking about! :)

SO! Exciting News.. We negotiated a deal where we would pay for the fix upfront and then our landlord would deduct from our rent this year and then next year (we were going to move next year remember?) He would not raise the rent and we can stay here WHOO HOO!

Tranquilo... it got done! Now to hang those cool Ecuadorian tapestries on the DRY Weeping Wall!