Friday, October 17, 2014


Living in Ecuador has really broadened the way we think. We no longer have the need for rigid schedule, run by clocks, appointments or work schedules. Now our days are run by 2 dogs, the weather, and a whim or flight of fancy. Nice change... I recommend it to everyone! No need to live in Ecuador, but that is a nice bonus!

We have had some fun with our love of motorcycles and scooters!

Randy bought a Royal Enfield 500 with a sidecar. This photo was taken on a ride that Royal Enfield sponsored, One Ride.. all the shops too a ride that day; all over the world where they had shops.  This photo they took on that day was picked to show for the South American ride! Cool We were famous! That's Frankie loving his ride!

Then he sold it and bought a Royal Enfield Cafe Racer. I know, what about Frankie? Randy still has not figured out how to get the dogs on the bikes.

In April of this year we decided to move from the big city to the smaller town of Paute. We have not regretted it at all. Unfortunately we got here right in the start of the rainy season, and its really been a doozy. The most rain here in Ecuador in 15 years. 

We started the process for Citizenship back in February, thinking it would be a year before we even heard back. We were shocked in less than 6 months we were notified we could post our intentions in the local newspaper.  

Soon after that we were notified that Randy had been approved, so we zipped (i.e plane) up to Quito for a one day trip and he got his Citizenship papers. Just this last week we returned to Quito and got mine. So now we are Dualies..

We still have to get our Ecuadorian ID cards and Passports, but that can be done in Cuenca.

My next big adventure is to become legal driving the scooter.. I still do not have a drivers license here in Ecuador. I made sure to keep my US one up to date, but if I get into an accident that license will be no good. Especially after I get my EC ID card! More to come. Check back, I will try to be more prompt in my updates.

                                                                Some of our good friends here in Paute

Our great friend Manon, who jumped in to help us move

Frankie, not going to be left behind.