Tuesday, September 3, 2013


I was on my way to the US, and had to go down to Guayaquill the nite before.. I did not want to stay in hotel.. I called a friend.. Graciella Wakefield.  Gracie is from Guayaquill, lived in the US for years and years and then returned..

It amazes me that we can talk on email and feel an affinity for someone.. know that we like them, and they like us.. then when we meet its like old home week!

I called Gracie and she say SURE come on down.. then she went way out of her way to show me her city. (side bar... Gracie had just recovered from being sick).

We went all over! All day! Here are the photos I took. But my camera battery was about dead...I was exhausted by the end of the day.. She loves her city and it shows.

She took me all along the famous Guayaquill Malecon (boardwalk along the bay). She stopped and talked with kids along the way. Its so wonderful to see the respect and love the kids have here for their "elders". They ask questions and are honestly interested in the answers.. its pretty cool.

After the Malecon she decided we needed to climb this hill that is famous for its 444 steps.. Oh did I tell you that Gracie had just gotten over being sick? She is a fireball.
Yeah, each step is numbered... how sweet.

We were lucky that along the way there were seats, and we rested and looked at the view, talked about the people who live in the houses along the way, or have their businesses.. There is no road.. just those awful steep steps.

I am glad I did make it too.. I guess this top area used to be where they watched for incoming ships way back when. There was a cool Cannon up there, awesome old trees, a church and of course the awesome view.

At the top there was also a church! Of course!

I had a wonderful vist.. Thanks Graciella.. it was a nice stop over!