Sunday, June 30, 2013


July 1, 2010 we landed in Quito, Ecuador.. our whole life in 5 bags. We had made it through the luggage embargo with an extra overweight bag; they all made it with us, and we were meeting with our attorney the very next day to begin the VISA seems soooooo long ago.

Alot has happened since then, but nothing to make us consider leaving this country. I have made many trips back to the US for family reasons, and each time, I sigh with relief that I do not have that daily grind each day and have "escaped" from the rat race... OH Thanks Randy for being a smart guy and having a deferred compensation savings for us to live on!

I am about to make the 5th trip back to the US for almost a month! My mom is alive and well at 91, but misses me. So this is a trip to just "hang" with mom and enjoy our time together. I have even told my kids if they want to see me, they have to travel to Grandma's house.

There are many new folks from the US arriving daily in Ecuador. The coast is starting to be discovered, as well as Loja and other outlying areas. Cuena is still seeing alot of new faces. Either visiting to check it out or just moved here and extremely excited to get to know the town.

When we arrived we had just those suitcases.. now we have settled in quite well. We have our furniture, out motorcycles, and a dog! This is our home. We love it, and we will talk with anyone honestly about the good and the bad of living in a foreign country. It't not for everyone, but for us it was the perfect solution to our delimma... STRESS, WE HATE WORKING..what do we do..

I am eager to see my mom, to see if the economy is turning around in Salem, Oregon. To enjoy the weather and all the flowers and the trees that are abundant there. I will be thrilled to go to the Oregon Coast with my mom, and also to see all my relatives at the family reunion.. but I will be really happy to know that I will be back on my HOME soil in a few weeks. Because this is home.