Friday, January 11, 2013


Well once again I have managed to slide though another month without posting...

Lets see.. We had a great time waking my mom early in the morning to sing happy birthday to her (yeah, the same mom who had the 90th birthday last year) Lucky Me!

We had a very full month in the Condo that we manage. Myrna and David, returned to the condo again for almost a month and decided that YEP, Cuena was their new home. So the mad dash ensued with everyone trying to help find them a rental.

We scored a free Christmas dinner at our friend, Nancy Hofmeisters house. I actually have some photos of that, but blogger has changed their settings and I cannot figure out how to add photos directly from my camera card...... hmmm whats up with that?

Oh, and we had some exciting news right before Thanksgiving... our daughter Kelsey is getting married.. in JANUARY! Yep. We are going to brave not only the snow, ice and freezing temps, but the major flu epidemic that is sweeping through Washington state, but...

We got flu shots.. OH, I expect all the disenters to chime in here and scold me on trusting those drugs that can maim or kill me.. but hey, The flu is KILLING people in Washington.. I choose to take my chances and go drugged to the epicenter of pukedom..
(that being my friends houses with reports of small children who are projectile vomiting..yeah fun)

ANYWAY.. Kelsey is getting married. She is my youngest, 21, and has been dating a very nice young man from a very nice family for 6 yrs. So I guess I should give in gracefully and be happy for her, but JANUARY? sheesh..When I talked with her about this she said.. "So I should change my wedding plans to accomodate you?" WELL YEAH!  As you can see that didn't happen.

We are flying out through Quito, into Panama, then Las Vegas on COPA  and then on Alaska to Portland. I chose this route trying to avoid nasty weather and the Miami Airport. Also, on the way back we have a 7 hr layover in Las Vegas! Late at night, so we have been told what off strip casino to go to so we can hang out and have the most fun. Fortunately for us we don't really like to gamble so it will just be a nice place to hang out other than the airport.

Shopping for "the dress" to wear to the wedding has been interesting. I found out that Macys does not like debit cards. I ordered and they waited until I placed the order to tell me it could not go through cause I had a debit card.. did I want to use a credit card or their Macys card? NOOOOOOOOOOO. So now I have this swirling pending charge on my debit card that I have to go and try to get canceled. Thank You Macys...

I did manage with the help of my mom.. again.. Picture this

 She is 91, about 5'2", driving 30 miles in a big old gas hog of a car, through the driving rain to get the dress I want at Macy's.  She is such a sweet heart!  So I got the dress.. now lets just hope I can find shoes!

We will be leaving Portland and taking the Amtrack up to the Tri Cites. We are really excited about this because  A. we dont have to drive up the Ice Rink called the Columbia Gorge and B. We get to see the scenery and enjoy the trip instead of the white knuckle trip in option A.

ECUADOR.. ok, here is whats happened here.
The flu is here too.. we hear its on the coast mainly, but we have the vaccine here..obviously since we got shots today. OH @20 each at the Dr. office. Free at the local clinics.
We are in the middle of upcoming elections. Rafael Correa our president is predicted to win. We hope he does. We are not sure we can vote yet. It was very confusing last year so we didn't . If given the option I will vote this year.

The Tram work will start next month, and hopefully will be finished by 2014. It will make a marvelous difference in the flow of people and traffic. Also one of the stops will be very near our house.

Weater finally got warm and we had a whole string of days of pure sunshine. Then it rained really really hard. Oh our landlord has agreed that the roof is not the problem with our leaks, but its the skylights. We have massive skylights and they both leak. So now the issue is the cost. But I will leave that for the next time...