Friday, May 14, 2010


We have been so wound up in our progress, that we did not realize that we were running our of time to hang out at our favorite place. We call it "Disney Land for drinkers" the actual name is McMenamins Edgefield. Edgefield is in Troutdale Oregon. It used to be a Poorfarm and then a Restirement home, and I think at one time also a "insane asylum"... or is that only when we visit??? This place has a working distillery, winery and brewery on site. Over 7 bars, a spa, massuse, 18 hole golf course, a movie theatre, and 2 4 star restaurants. May 5th & 6th we took off in the middle of the week because the weekends were booked solid. So we invited some friends and WAHLAH... we had a weekday get away with friends.

The only things that we had left to sell were our wine fridge and my car. The wine fridge was pretty empty anyway.. we aren't big white wine drinkers and we have drank all our good wine long ago... so I put it up for sale in my local work newspaper. Its a great way to reach 2000 immediately each Tuesday and Thursday... and you know that they all have security clearances! Also, the ad cost $1 a day, no word limit, and all the money is donated to March of Dimes . A great deal for all concerned. We sold the wine fridge several times over while we were out of town, due to my forgetfulness to not place the ad before we went on our weekday get away. Then we got down to brass tacks and decided to put the car in.. my baby. I have never ever had a brand new off the show floor car.. this was it for me..(Thank you Randy, you are about the sweetest man I know) a cute 2007 Toyota Yaris. Well we sold it in one day as well... so today we said goodbye to it and pocketed our "cash for traveling to Ecuador".

We are really happy to laze away today on our scooters, and enjoy the 80 degree weather. It has been so rainy here that we  thought maybe we were confused with Seattle... nope, our nice sunny weather showed up with a vengence. This was my Friday off, so while we knew that we had the car deal later in the day, we zipped out on our scooters (150cc Vespas) to our local private coffee place, Barracudas. It has a nice east facing wall that is perfect for Mr. Kimblers cigar habit, and I can find a spot somewhat out of the smoke zone to sip my Chai Tea, and read the paper. Today we had lots of company, folks that are regulars at the coffe shop who over the years have become "nodding aquaintances" Today they were talking aquaintances.. We chat to all who will listen about our Ecuador adventure, so they are well aware that we are leaving. It was quite touching to hear them say they would miss us.

Today after the coffee klatch, I headed for some serious "tossing". I was serious, I was strong, I was sad... yep... sad. I found my daughters little tooth that I have saved all this time... I threw it out. I found notes that the kids wrote to me when I was sick. Encouraging me to get well so I could play with them.. My son wrote specially as "spcllcly"... ah I did not throw that out... its just some  bits of paper, but the memories and love attached are so wonderful. I think I might give them back to the kids..maybe. All these things escaped the major cleanout, so now I am down to the real serious stuff. Its getting harder. But I do know that we have two suitcases already in Cuenca, so I have two whole suitcases to fill... I may not have any clothes to wear. I might only have scraps of paper, oddly shaped ceramic pieces, and photos of children with missing teeth..


  1. I know exactly what you mean. Those little scraps of your life are the hardest to part with! I keep shoving mine into a back corner, putting it off until last. I also have a little tin of 'tooth fairy teeth' that is coming to Ecuador with me. Hey...if there's room enough for a stereo, what's a tiny, little tooth???? Looking forward to getting to know you all soon!

  2. It's those little things that make the big ones "big" ...