Friday, May 14, 2010


Well after reading this Randy has told me that I do not have two full suitcases to fill will odds and ends. He had determined that because we have two suitases already in Cuenca, he is taking his Sterio equipment. This will take up 1 1/2 suitcases... operative word here is HIS stereo equipment. I believe he will have 1/2 of a suitcase for his clothes.

Oh, and now he informs me that he has purchased 3 more boxes of cigars. This makes a total of 8. His response to the why??? was that he will need to be a good host when he begins his "Dinner at the Kimblers" get togethers in Cuenca. These cigars he believes will be our "entre" into Cuenca life. I have yet to remind him that very few folks smoke cigars, I think its pretty useless at this point. But again.. these are his cigars. So I guess he better hope the two suitcases down in Cuenca have some of his clothes in them!

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  1. Uhhhh......Cigars are god's gift to mankind. Randy is on the right track. The only problem with the 8 box concept is that is a max of 200 cigars. I had trouble finding any type of selection last June and July...therefore I am also stockpiling.