Sunday, May 2, 2010


This weekend was my "Long Weekend". I work what is know here in this town as 8/9's. I work 9 hour days with every other Friday off, those Fridays that I do work are "short" days.. I only work 8 hours. My day starts at 6 and I get off work at 3:30.. so its really not a bad schedule. That said, I really do look forward to my Long Weekends. This Friday we went to Ellensburg, WA to visit with a friend I have met online who has returned home from teaching in Loja, Ecuador. We had a very nice visit over breakfast, and my daughter who is attending Central Washington University, also joined us. Kids, they will never pass up a free meal!

After we picked our new freinds brain for two hours we let her go and promised to get together with her again before we left for Cuenca, she smiled and said she would like that, but as she hurried across the street.... I really wondered if she really was as excited about getting together  as we were... :-)

We had hung out long enough in the restaurant, that in the interim my daughter had left, attended a class and was now ready to be picked up so we could go see her apartment that she and her current dorm roommate were going to move into in June. The apartment was very cute, small and newly repainted and carpeted so it was going to be a perfect place for them. My daughter is "inheriting" all of our furniture that we have not sold to others.. which is still alot. So she wanted us to see the place and determine if it would fit...I am thinking its all going to fit like a size 7 shoe on a size 9 foot... but what do I care, she will have the fun of making it work.. I'm getting it out of my house and I dont have to move it!

Randy and I have polar opposite feelings about transportation once we get to Cuenca. Randy is a two wheel guy. He loves any type of two wheel motorized mode of transportation. That said, he convinced me that I too could love them. I tried, honest I did. I took the motorcycle safety endorsement classes, I barely passed. Then I bought a scooter because the little 250 motorcycle he bought me was too scary. I did learn to love the scooter and have happily gone on many long trips on it, and I would never have met Chuck and Nancy if we had not been out riding our scooters, saw them and ended up pulling over to organize an impromtu coffee meet and greet. So yes, two wheels have led to many friendships and good memories. But when I get to Cuenca, I am not driving... two, four or 20 wheels...nope. I am really looking forward to letting someone else worry about getting me there, and also I will not be reminded that I am not in the proper lane, or my speed is not considered fast, or slow enough... yes, he is a bit of a micromanager where that is concerned. I do love the man but jeeeeez.. drive the car if you dont like how I do it.. so THIS is my one wonderful thing that I am looking forward to! I am sure that he will have to file a disclaimer somewhere here to support his managment style (he WAS a manager in his professional life), but believe you me, this will open up a whole new relationship for us.

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