Thursday, April 29, 2010


As our time here diminishes, we each have our agendas. Mine seems to be a wait and see attitude, Randys is more, slow and steady... he has dedicated part of his days of leisure to picking at the bits we have left an determining what to pack. It looks like he has one suitcase somewhat full. Of what I do not know. Hopefully its not all cigars and stereo parts.

Every day at work is such a fun time... honest, people stop by and say "how many days Karen?" Today the answer was "22 working days.."  really its pretty cool at this point, I am the oddity, that they all stop to talk to, and comment about, the one who is breaking out of the mold, giving hope to those who are still just "wishing" they could do the same.

We have really been trying to ramp up our visiting with friends, and get in these last few times with them. I am constantly amazed at the spectrum of ages and types of friends we have. We have such a nice network here, that I am sorry to leave them, but have hopes that we can develop a new one in our new home, and welcome our Norte Americano friends to our new home in Ecuador.

Randy has determined that we still need some apostiling of our Birth Certificates. So he has sent off our Birth Certificates to Seattle to get apostle'd. Then we will get some more passport size pictures for other items we might need. Other than that, I think we are are set for the paperwork needs.

We are so excited about tomorrow. We get to meet a lady who has been on one of our Expat sites. She has volunteered for the last school year in Loja Ecuador, and has come home for the summer. She lives just two hours away, so we are going over to have breakfast with her. This will be a wonderful opportunity to meet her in person and hopefully make a new friend!

Randy and been celebrating since he retired, wisely using his days to laze away and practice for his new future..but now his mood has moved to jealousy. Yes, the dreaded sin.. he is jealous of our friends who have gone before in Cuenca. The Watson's... he is jealous of Puff Puff, the pretty red dragon car that is chauffeuring them around Ecuador!   I tell him to be patient, that when we get to Ecuador we will get our own Puff Puff... but I am sure it will be more of a Ruff Ruff...


  1. Hi Karen! How far behind us will you be? We arrive June 1st and are looking forward to meeting you and Randy. Randy sounds frightenly like Clarke with his cigar smoking and 'ruff-ruffing'! I'm sitting here with a sh*t-eating grin on my face just thinking of the fun we will soon be having meeting new friends and creating the lives we all dream of. See you soon!
    Brenda and Clarke

  2. Karen now I don't feel so bad! I read a lot too from Ecuador and am jealous and I don't really KNOW any Expats yet in person! Viva Ecuador!