Sunday, February 20, 2011


Sunday, the day of rest.. especially in Cuenca. You have heard the saying about the sidewalks rolling up. Well it't about like that here. Very, very quiet. The museums are  now catching on and recently sent out a notice that they would be open on Sundays for a few hours between 9-1. So that's a nice place to go, or you can get an early start and meet up with other "extrajernos" at the Parque Calderon, or Kookaburras Cafe. I am a slow beginner in our new life here, and I have not even tried any of the above activities on Sundays..

Our friends did take us on a day trip yesterday to Sigsig, Chordeleg, San Bartoleme, and Paute. I had only a banana for breakfast, so the windy roads and sudden passing around buses was not to my stomach's liking.  Kesha, on the other hand, was enjoying the ride and seemed to not notice.

We stopped at a panama hat factory on a back road of  the little town of Sigsig. It has this HUGE hat that they made. I think its the largest in Ecuador.
Right off to the side, in the shade, just sitting on the ground were these ladies just weaving away on hats. Of course the only thing that popped into my mind was why were they not in comfy chairs.. but since this was the way they grew up doing this, its probably not uncomfortable for them.
Well I guess this one lady has a tiny stool..
Drying strands getting ready for weaving

Randy checking out the hats in the factory part.

No, I don't think this is the look for you...

Cute basket we bought, 3.00
Next we went to the little town of San Bartolome, way up on the hill... beautiful view of the valley, so quiet and had of course a beautiful old church.
We next stopped in Chordeleg and checked out the green pottery.. totally bypassed the center of town where all the Jewelry was... I think it was a plan by the guys in the car.. Randy had some fun batering with the ladies, and they were nice enough to give him a bit of a discount. My camera  was forgotten at this stop.

I was starting to complain loudly at this point about being hungry so we stopped at a little place that sold Rosero. A wonderful fruit drink. Kind of like a Batitido, but even better. It has chunks of various fruits in it, kind of a thick drink, and absolutely delicious.

Next we went to a roadside stand outside of Paute that had pork and chicken for lunch. I did not take any photos here as I was up to my elbows in tortillas, chicken, hominy, and potatoes.. picture a pig wallow, and thats about the look of ecstatic pleasure I was having eating my food..

We next went to several Guitar makers homes. These were very small operations, and one family showed us how they made guitars. I was most impressed that the gentleman was very proud to point out that his son was learning the trade as well.

The little guitar that owner is holding is made out of a Armadillo shell. It was $150.. the one Randy is holding is $600. We passed on both.

Randy did make a selection.. at another business. This is Eddie's Guitar..when he comes to get it!
We had a great day, Thanks guys. It was nice to get out of the city, and see the countryside!


  1. Hi Karen and Randy,

    What a nice post! It looks like you are enjoying your life in Ecuador. It is a beautiful place.

    You may (not) remember my husband Gary and me (Wendela) --we met at the Kookaburra in September after I wrote to see if anyone in Cuenca would have coffee or lunch with us.

    We still don't know when we'll be back in Cuenca since we may move to Moldova in Eastern Europe for a oouple of years, but Cuenca still is very appealing to us. We had a nice two weeks there.

    I enjoy reading about your life in Ecuador, so keep writing ;)

  2. What? No new hat? Enjoying your blog. thanks, Gary Gaither

  3. Loved reading about this trip - sounds like a lot of fun! Todd and I are looking forward to having more time to explore and hope to visit these places.
    Hey, and Karen - agree with you - hope Randy passed on the hat.