Friday, February 25, 2011


I found a bunch of pictures on my camera, that I had never posted, so I thought I would just put them out here and let my mind meander for a bit. Lucky you...

 a painting in a breezeway gallery
Ceiling, painting around the chandelier

I just love the ornate ceilings... its art as far as I am concerned!
Street Art
Divine Art
As you know we have been working on decorating our new home. As we find items that we can reuse we have been trying to put them to use somewhere in the house. The Cuecanos are marvelous at this feat, and we are not ones to be outdone.
Root starter

Thanks C & N for this reminder!

Cigar cask.. now a utensil holder!
Randy has decided that as well as a motorcycle license he should get his driver's license. Here in Ecuador the motorcycle license does not require any testing but the automobile license does.

Randy was told he had to take 10-2hr driving lessons, as well as 10-3 hr lecture classes. ALL in Spanish. His class times are from 2-4 driving, 8-11 classroom lecture... all on the same day. Now, let me remind you this is the country where they honk instead of using their signals, pass on blind curves and crowd instead of taking turns through the round-abouts (called rondels here).

Randy came back from the first day pooped and told me that the driving part is 4 cars following the leader through town. Randy's teacher sits and talks on her phone, does her makeup or listens to the radio... with an occasional "A la dereccha" (turn right)... when he gets slowed up by a light and gets behind the others.

Today when he returned with the good news that the main teacher who spoke some English said "You can drive!"... Randy said YES! The teacher suggested that Randy not return until next Friday, when he will take his final driving test..Randy of course agreed.. he will not have to endure the follow the leader for the next week.

To add to all this drama is our goodbuddies, Clarke and Brenda. They are looking at cars, so of course we had to go along. I immediately found the Charlie Brown Christmas tree car... you know the one... its so ugly no one wants it? Well I loved it... even its outlandish interior! DISCLAIMER  We did not buy a car
The tag says its yellow, but its the most gawd awful limish green

Yep.. black and lime interior..
Clarke and Brenda on the other hand are looking at a more upscale car, one that can accomdate lots of "stuff", and take on the back roads.
Clarke, is there room in the back for Randy and Karen??

See Brenda, its digital. I don't think they can adjust that kind of odometer!

I need to say right here that as of Tuesday, Clarke and Brenda had not bought a car, they were still looking..but then that was Tuesday!


  1. That sounds pathetic. Where is Randy taking the drivers school? At ANETA, Ecuador's Auto Club, (at least when I took the class last May) it was much more professional and strict. We had 14 hours behind the wheel, 16 hours of lecture, a 2 hour first aid seminar, and a 2 hour psychology seminar (road rage and all that) packed into a 15 day period. I managed to get my lecture class and driving class back-to-back, that was nice. The 13 hours of driving (the last hour was the test) was really beneficial. We didn't do any follow the leader stuff; we headed out in a swarm of 10 vehicles and then went off in different directions. My instructor Juan Carlos was great. He showed me all the ropes and tricks of driving around Cuenca, the dangerous spots and all that. The lectures challenged my listening and understanding skills in Spanish, but it was just what I needed at the time to get my Español back in gear after a 10 year gap. Overall it was a worthwhile experience that I am glad took place.

  2. Wow! I had heard that getting a drivers license was no small accomplishment. Gives me pause . . .


  3. Ron,
    it depends on the school you go to how strict they are with you. I guess they determined that the Gringos in this class had more experience driving than the trainers.. it all worked out and they are all on their way to getting their license. If you are interested in getting a car, do not let it stop you. Just ask alot of questions about translators and be sure you are comfortable with the school before you plop down the $163!