Sunday, February 6, 2011


WASSUP? Randy woke me at 7:30 this morning! UGH.. its SUNDAY.
 "Hurry we are meeting Becca & Kesha  to walk down to Kooks.."

Wahhhat?? " Hurry, dont fall back to sleep, she is walking here". "We need to hurry so she doesn't have to run across Las Americas with the baby!!"  Blearily I threw on  my clothes, brushed my teeth, wiped the mascara off my face and ran a brush (I think) through my hair... We did not make it in time, Becca got to cross back over Las Americas again with us..It was a nice morning  walk to Kooks; we were there by 8:30.  Kookaburra owners, Jeni & Chris, came to a complete stop with mouths agape when they saw me. Either at the shock of my being up and moving so early, or I did not brush my hair as I had imagined.  We had a lovely breakfast.. even if I was still half asleep. 

By 9:30 we were off to walk through the flower market, peek into the church doors and walk around the New Cathedral. Then we headed home trying to hit the shade that also had a stroller worthy sidewalk.. some things are just better thought of as a great bonus...

We arrived home and Randy immediately scrawled a list of needs from Supermaxi..I lost the toss so  I walked back up to Supermaxi, (Oh and is HOT this morning..picture pitted out shirt and sweat streaked  face.. ) when I got back home he said...ok, we are up to 7 for dinner... (did I mention it was 2 yesterday...).. as I gaped at him like a fish out of water, he said WHAT? I'm cooking...well uh, we only have enough plates for 6? Not enough wine classes for those that do drink?  He just smiles and says... Not a problem... we have enough food, it will all work out..
And it will... thats whats fun about being here... you start out with no plans for the day, and before you know it you have back to back plans and a house full of the most fun people, all chipping in and hauling wine, plates and dishes to your house with the words... NO PROBLEMA.. But I do think I need to take that shower now.


  1. Thanks for posting that picture of me and Kesh! Can you email it to me too PLEASE!!! THANK YOU too for getting up for this AM! I had a great time with you guys!

  2. Karen,
    Gosh I like reading your blog. Mine, I hope, will actually be written in Ecuador too! Viva and hope you guys had a great dinner.

  3. Hey Karen, you're sooooo funny! It WAS a novelty seeing you for the first time before 11am and I think your hair was ok but mine???

  4. Hey Karen, welcome to a fellow- compatriot. Why would anybody want to get out of bed before 11:00?

  5. Im enjoying your blog, although im still in the 2011 timeframe. I have particularly enjoyed when you mention prices of big items such as rent, foods, taxis, furniture! thanks. you're a very good writer!
    Now that we're in 2013 and you've been there a few years ( and I haven't caught u p yet) would you mind sending me an email of your opinion on price increases now that soo many more expats are moving, due to as you know so much happening here politically and economically.
    Also did you and Randy by any chance go to (and/or subscribe) any of the International Living conferences or books or seminars, etc. How did you manage to really pull this off? Did you have a certain daily checklist to follow.
    I've put Ecuador and belize on my "retirement" sites and look forward to visiting Ecuador this coming year, hopefully if you wouldn't mind I could meet up with you all for a day! thank you!