Monday, February 14, 2011


I am finding that as I relax into my life in this new country, I am getting lax... on  taking pictures, and telling folks about what its like to live here. I write my blog mostly for my family and friends, but have been getting quite a few emails from "ecuador prospects" asking particular questions about this and that. I try to answer as best I can, but mostly my suggestion is to read other folks blogs and research the forums.. does that make me lazy?  Or hesitant to be blamed from giving the wrong impression?

The lack of super cool pictures is probably because I don't want to offend, or even stand out... well that's just silly, because of course I stand out!  I don't fear having my camera stolen, I guess I am just getting used to seeing those things I once thought were odd or different.  

"fresh" meat anyone?
"Ala Naturelle" Landscaping Service

We are finding ourselves staying home, and "nesting" alot more, only venturing out for walks to town,  meandering streets we have not walked down, and noting places that would be nice to mention to our other friends who are looking for this and that. So no, I dont have lots of cool pictures of new stuff... except what we have been doing in the house and yard... sorry..

We are in the rainy season and I have some videos of the rains. We have a huge skylight over the stairwell so we get some incredible noise from that.

The river has really been rushing along, no flooding which is good; and the rain insures that we will not have a shortage of electricity, as we are powered hydroelectrically in Cuenca. Yes, for those of you who know Randy, he still wears shorts and Birks on rainy days...

I have started trying to  knit again. I am happy to say they have TONS of yarn shops here, and each place has various types and quantities, so checking them out is alot of fun. Not knowing how to say knitting needles was fun too. With alot of arm waving and pointing I finally got my point across and I purchased another pair of larger needles.  I have one project in process, but due to an error and my friend was sick, I have stopped on it, but began another on the 2nd pr of needles! Randy was noting that I had never made anything for him... to be accurate I have never made anything for anyone... but back to the point... I am knitting him a scarf.. a scarf in Ecuador?  Yeah, I know sounds odd. The women wear them here alot.. they think its cold and they use them to cover their face when a nasty diesel bus passes. I only wore one once at nite in bed when I was Freezing to death... really I think I was sick. So it will be interesting to see if he does actually use it.

We have done some nite activities... the California Kitchen had their grand opening of their new bar area... 2/1 drinks ($5) couldn't pass that up! There was music as well, so we went both nites and really enjoyed being out "among 'em" .. Here is a photo of the gringo musician. His playing was excellent, and I hear he had only been here a few weeks and already was working! His guitar, he said, is called a Traveling Guitar. It was very unique, and I was happy to hear it was made in Oregon!

We continue to improve on the inside and outside of the house. Randy had our imminent carpenter Pepe make him a combination Cigar stand / Wine Rack. It turned out very nicely and it gives a nice look to an ordinary item.

Once again we stopped by the flower market next to the New Cathedral and bought flowers from our favorite vendor. We look at her flowers, check out all the other ladies, just to be polite, and the buy everything from her.. She and another lady always get going together pulling out flowers and they are very nice about our waving arms and bad Spanish, we always get a free plant and a MUCHAS GRACIAS!  
Yes, we are softies...

One of our potted trees is blooming!

Oh and as a parting note... Randy has joined the ranks of men in Cuenca who occasionally HAVE to indulge in the common practice of  public urination... uh no photos for that one...


  1. Love the sound of knitting needles! You're in the right place for that. I should make fans here. Thanks for your warm welcome to Ecuador, Karen. Ron said he wants to borrow Pepe to make him a cigar/wine rack, too!

  2. We will be in Cuenca next month and my wife has already informed me that checking out the local fiber suppliers will be a high priority. Besides being a knitter, she is also an avid hand spinner. Which brings me to the point.

    How DO you say "knitting needles" and "drop spindle?"

    1. Well they usually only say agujas for knitting needles, but the full term would be agujas de tejer.

      I am not sure what the drop spindle would be. Our weaving teacher says she does not know of anyone who actually does that. Or maybe she did not understand what we were referring to.

      Tell your wife to contact me and we will go on a fiber find for her!