Friday, July 2, 2010


We arrived in Quito on July 1st. Our flights were good, and we had great luck with our extra baggage. Our 5th bag was overweight besides being extra. The airline attendant was flustered and said he didnt think he could check a overweight bag to Quito. Well he called someone, slapped a ticket on it and when we questioned him he just shrugged, and said no charge, I already put it on the Our luck held and we were never questioned or charged in Quito either!

We were not inpressed with United, We flew from Pasco, Wa to Denver, then to LA. where we switched to COPA. United charged for everything other than juice and water. COPA fed us and free poured alcohol! As anyone knowing Randys flight phobia, he was please with that service!

When we landed in Panama we were slapped in the face with heat and humidity...ugh. both of which we were not happy about, luckily we only had to deal with it from the plane to the airport. Inside was nice AC, sitll a bit muggy though.

Our hotel in Quito is a very cute hotel and close to our attorneys office so thats a big help. We had lunch downtown today and I had a tamal. It was very yummy cooked two huge banana leaves! $2.25.

We found that our US phones that we bought, unlocked had too high of bandwidth so we had to have them worked on. The Porta people were very helpful and even got all of our phone issues resolved so we didnt have to try to figure out what button to push in spanish! My spanish was enough to let them know we appreciate their great service. A big smile assured me I was succesful.. I hope, unless I said something inappropriate!

We found a really fun restaurant called CafeLibro.  I believe the spanish by line was something about the essential bohemian. Randy had steak, 5.50. I had Nuggets Pollo. oh yum, Micky D's got nuthin on  this place... oh man they were good. We had a very nice bottle of wine and were on our way in an hour. The place was going to hop later, it was definately a dancing bar!

Tomorrow we leave for Cuenca, we thought we would stay longer in Quito, but have decided since out needs are met with the attorney we can go on home to Cuenca. We have decided to rent a van and drive this time. It will be a long drive but we hope to be able to see the countryside. Our driver does not speak alot of english... ugh well maybe none, but he knows where we are going and we will have our spanish cheat sheets ready for the trip.

Now to get on with all the new beginnings in Cuenca!


  1. I found this blog when I was looking for information on retirement in Cuenca. It looks like a great place to settle down and I'll be interested in reading your experiences. Good luck!

  2. Hello Randy & Karen,
    Welcome,welcome to your new adventure.It is like the prison door is open but very few venture out. Only a few give up the well known routine for a fresh start in a new land. This stimulation is a truly invigorating chapter in a lifetime.
    Bienvinidos amigos,
    David & Christa

  3. Hola Gringos.....
    About time you got here. Looking forward to meeting faca-to-face.
    Clarke and Brennie

  4. Oopsie...I guess that I don't know how to spell 'face'. I love to parade my ignorance in public.