Saturday, July 24, 2010


I have not been able to add photos of our journey to Cuenca due to my computer issues. I still have computer issues but Randy has relented and is letting me use his computer. Lets hope I don't mess his up too!
We arrived in Quito on the 1st of July, and after meeting with our attorney decided to pack up and head down to Cuenca... home. Here is our driver trying to get all the bags in and on the car, and still leave room for his two weary passengers
He was very determined to be somewhat of a tourguide as well so he made sure to stop at the oldest church in Ecuador. He took this as we were walking in. Its the only one that actually shows the church!

After arriving in Cuenca we spent the next 16 days in a hotel. Read previous blogs about this experience, but here are some photos. Being the spoiled Norte Americans that we are there were some adjustments to be made.

Closet space was at a minimum as well as the room size, but I did think they did a clever job with the painting on the ceiling., I had fond recollections of our time spent at the wonderful hotel McMennamins in Portland, Ore.

We were rescued by our good friend Chuck & Nancy and we moved into their Condo for 4 days before we moved to our apartment. We were wined and dined and introduced to a bunch of other expats.
One of our new friends invited us over for breakfast, This is a photo of Clarke and Brenda, Nancy and Randy.

 They have some wonderful views off their balcon as it is called here in Ecuador.  You can see major church steeples and the cool mountains all around.

We got a call from Charlie and Susi, our landlords on Friday that we could move in earlier than expected! Oh, we were so happy. Chuck and Nancy were great in giving a space, but we were sooo ready to be in our own! So at 5 pm we loaded up two taxis with 7 suitcases and two backpacks and in our best spanglish told the drivers where we were going. We were so happy to get to our place. Charlie helped us haul our bags upstairs and we agreed to get settled and then at 8  we would meet up to head out to dinner. Here are some photos of our moving in. We unpacked everything in two hours! Now that is downsizing!


The photo to the left is our bedroom as we started to unload, the one on the right is the suitcases lined up to be unloaded. Oh yes, that is a double bed..we are adjusting, but Randys feet hang off most of the time!
Randy's first task was to set up his music. He was disappointed to find out that when the security went through our luggage they did not repack his speakers as well as he did. So they survived, but they are not quite as handsome the speaker covers snapped off and their are now little chips on the edges in the back, but the sound is still very nice, so that was a big relief! He is now designing a stand for the new big screen TV and his stereo. The workmanship here is wonderful and we can get a great setup made to our specifications for a very resonable price. Randy has enjoyed his first day, so far he has moved furniture, drank a fifth of brandy and listened to music, hmmm I think he is having a great day!

We have been on some great walks around town, and we have met some very famous personalities.  Here is one you should all recognize! I stood out in traffic to get his photo! Poor Randy, all the drivers were just smiling at him.  We were also excited to see that you CAN get a Vespa Scooter in Ecuador!

We were treated to a wonderful breakfast this morning, then they hauled us to the grocery store so we could stock up. We managed to only forget sugar and butter so I think we did good. Monday we go Veggie and Fruit Shopping at the Organic Co-op. I will try to report on the prices, you will be so jealous!

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