Sunday, July 18, 2010


When we came to Cuenca in 2008 it was in February. The weather was warm and a sweater was only needed in the evening after dark. I have become very attached to my new purple windwall jacket by Northface. I am cold! Its not that is so cold here on a temperature scale, its that I am not climatized yet. Let me back up a bit. When we left Richland WA we had just started to get our nice "warm" temps. of 80-90 degrees F so coming her and it being 60 or less with rain tends to send me into a coat and socks and heavy shoes. I am remembering Randy shaking his head as I laid out my coats and tried to decide which to bring. We are both coat fanantics so this really was a big decision. I ended up with 4 coats. two rain type coast one heavy and hits mid thigh, one is just a rain jacket very light weight. The other two are my windwalls one has a hood, my purple one does not have a hood. So I am happy, I brought my coats, Randy has mumbled that he wishes he had brought warmer coats... I feel very santimonious that I dont poke fun and remind him about his attitude when I brought my coats.

Today was a very important day in our life here in Cuenca and our stay at the hotel. We had HOT water! Oh man, I was all ready to bail on the shower all together today and Randy stuck his head out with a huge smile and said, HURRY its HOT! And it was, I was so thrilled I was able to take some time and not just splash here and there. And to add to the delight we were not up at the crack of dawn either! Its was 9:30! So maybe they fixed whatever the problem was. I did see new propane tanks being delivered so maybe that is why we had nice hot water.. hmmm maybe I will go back and try for an afternoon shower!

Writing this blog and talking with folks on other social networks regarding our wishes to move to Ecuador has led us to 'meet' alot of people on line. Our friend Chuck who lives here in Cuenca had taken us on a trip to see motorcycles... So we were ending out trip by walking Chuck to his appointment upstairs above the California Kitchen when I hear... "KAREN!" So as I look to see who called my name I see this lady who I dont know waving and waving at me... Her name is Patty McNabb, she had written to me on FB I believe and she wanted to say hello!  We quickly exchanged our experiences as we had to move on to another appointment, but it was so nice to have someone reach out and say hi, like that! It felt like a Welcome Wagon of the old days!

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  1. First hugs hugs hugs!!! And you do know that 50 degree weather with a light drizzle is my very favorite. ;-)