Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Today I played hookey... it was fun. Well of course I did the responsible thing and got permission so I guess it wasn't really hookey..but it felt like it. Randy, our friend Glenda and I took the Columbia Sternwheeler up the Columbia River and into the Snake. It was a 6 hour ride, the ticket price included a great buffet breakfast and lunch. There was even a nice bar on each level so those who wanted could imbibe in the spirit of choice
Here are Randy and Glenda, relaxing on the deck as we cruise upriver.
This next picture is our destination.. Ice Harbor Dam on the Snake River

Now here is the inside of the locks!
The Captain was excellent. We never bumped the side. It was fun to see how they flung the rope onto the floats on the side of the walls so we would stay put as the water level was raised so we could get out.
This next photo is of the gate locking us in so they could fill it up like a bath tub!
to give you a feeling of how much of a change in elevation we were going to undertake, here is a photo of the locked gate from the bow of the sternwheeler.
Now we are all filled up and ready to go out...
And here is the great Captain who maneuvered us up and down the river safely all the while keeping up a wonderful commentary on Lewis & Clark, Wheat, Gold and Fur trade.

I have never been on a Sternwheeler before, so I think this is a wonderful start to our adventures in Cuenca, Ecuador!

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