Sunday, July 29, 2012


We are advid readers of our local online news letter and general info central called Gringo Tree. This little free newsletter has a readership of over 4,000.
The other day Randy noticed that there was some enterprising person who was hauling folks out to Yungilla to the Parque Extremo for motocross races.
Well we signed up.

The business is run by Jame Drummund, he can be reached at info@jdsecuador. He has other tours that he offers as well and it sounds like he might be able to even do private tours and trips.

Our ride out to the park was the normal 2 lane, whine dee ride.. not Windy.. :>), adding in a broken down big bus, two taxis parked half way in the road to "assist", dodging the poor runners of the 60 km race and then road construction..we got there about 11.

Here we all are at the pond, where James says in the future you will be able to catch and release huge catfish, and some other native Ecuadorian fish. Right now it just has tiny Talapia in there.

This park is the brain child of the Juan El Juri family who own ALOT of enterprises here in Ecuador. He has a mini mart, pharmacy, rides for the children, bars, a small zoo, a great area for outdoor concerts, areas for motorcross as well as cars races and bathrooms with toilet paper and rings! YES, ladies rings! I was a very happy camper.

Oh and did I mention the zoo.. well yes, there is a zoo. Right now there is only AFRICAN LIONS! Yes, lions. We were told that these were the first lions in all of Ecuador to have been able to breed in captivity.. well of course I wanted to get close and see the cute little babys.. as I did..I was attacked! Yes, I was in Ecuador at the motorcross races and I was attacked by an African lion... you know this has got to be a joke some where! Luckily for me my friends hollered at the LAST minute to move and I dove sideways as this beauty threw herself agains the chainlink fence..

 Where only moments before I had been leaning against so I could get a great shot of these sweet hearts.
Dad, was not at all disturbed..

After surviving that "harrowing experience", the races seemed a bit passe until I saw this.. again, my heart melted.

This little guy leaped out in front, fell to about 5th and came in 3rd.. what a cute rider!

A bunch of us took off for a quick lunch (no pictures, Randy would not let me take my camera) at at wonderful fish restaurant right up the street. I knew it would be good cause all the locals were there. After we ate we returned to find that the races were over..

While we waited to see what was next a few decided a nap was in order..
It was a lovely day, it was cloudy, warm and no rain.. we heard it rained all day in Cuenca... we were happy to have missed it. I think we will return to Parque Extremo, it was fun, and worth the adventure!

Oh and I have to add this.. Just because you CAN walk right up to the chain link fence with lions behind it... does not mean you should!


  1. Okay - you had me laughing out loud at this one!


  2. what did you mean about rings in the bathroom?