Sunday, August 19, 2012


One Sunday we met up with our friend Nancy Hofmeister, and had Sunday brunch at the new California Kitchen location.. wow, what a spectacular setting. While we were there we saw our friend Paul Collins and asked him to join us. During this conversation he mentioned he has a Ecuadorian friend who lived in the states (TEXAS to be specific) since he was 7. He had come back to Ecuador about 20 yrs ago. This gentleman had a huge hacienda type home in Ricaurte (pronounced ree cow tay), and wanted to put on a Texas BBQ... would we be interested..? Fast forward  a week later to the trip to Ricaurte!

Our host provided transportation.. this is the little truck bus he has built. There were about 20 of us packed in the back.. We got alot of smiles and waves as we traveled the 12 miles to Ricaurte!
To the far right is our friend Paul Collins who organized this trip with the owner, who is standing next to him, sorry, I have totally forgotten his name.

Here are photos of the house when he first bought it 20 years ago.
Twenty years later and alot of love and hard work, this is the home that he restored for his family.

OH, and the food was wonderful... so much so that I only got a before picture! How silly am I ?
He was using an old boiler out of a ship as his smoker/BBQ.

Before we left he brought out his prized possesion... a baby Brahma bull. He found him on the coast. These type of bulls are not found very often here in Ecuador so this little guy is going to have a happy life smoozing the lady cows out in Ricaurte!

We had a great time, and met some very nice folks.. all because we happened to go out to breakfast! Yep, just living the life.. stay tuned more to come!


  1. Sounds like a great day! Is the barbecue a regularly occurring event? Or strictly a one time,
    invitation only party?

    1. Anne, this was the "dry run" to see how it would go. It sounds like its going to be a twice monthly event. I think it will be noted in Gringo Tree or on the facebook page Cuenca Gold