Saturday, November 19, 2011


I bet you got the gist of that... I am flying out tomorrow afternoon to Quito, then at 6 am on Monday I am flying out to Portland, Or. where my wonderful brother is picking me up and driving me to my mom's house in Dallas, Or.

I will be able to spend Thanksgiving with her and also  attend her birthday party to celebrate her ()th birthday!  Isn't she awesome!

I am a last minute packer.. so I am currently washing some clothes and throwing stuff in the direction of my suitcase.  I live on a limited amount of clothes and most are only presentable in the most casual of places, so that even limits me more! The most important that I am bringing is the extra suitcase for the stuff I am bringing back with me to Cuenca.

Randy has been shipping some items and I have been inviting others to ship small items to my moms house. She has become quite aquainted with the UPS and Fedex fellas (she does love those cute shorts they wear!)

I am hoping that my daughter and son will be able to come to Oregon, as they are both in Wa.  about 5 hrs away. If the Columbia Gorge is not a ice rink they may be able to come to the party and also see me!

I will try to keep you all posted on what is happening in Oregon, just so you folks in the "new country" can appreciate the wonderful weather you are enjoying... while I appreciate turning leaves and maybe snow!


  1. Hey Karen, I hope you have a lovely wintry time, see you again soon... (really funny post!)

  2. Have a great time! We will miss you.

  3. Thanks Jen and Nancy!
    I like visiting my "stateside" family, but sure do look forward to coming back to my Expat family!

  4. Safe Travels! We will be just below you, Karen, in So California on Wednesday.

    Have a wonderful time with your family, and we look forward to seeing you again in Cuenca! Take lots of pics for me of the birthday party!!


    Adios por ahora, Chica!


  5. I know your Mom's gotta love having you there.
    Safe travels, dear one.