Friday, November 11, 2011


I found this link on one of the expat forums and thought I would just pass along this information for those of you coming to Cuenca in the near future.

We love the bus system here and think its the easiest,and most economical way to get around. This link also even has a trip planner, so once you get an idea of where you want to go you can plan out your trip!

The ITUR office in the center of old town (by the big blue domed church), on Mariscal Sucre is a great place to ask questions and get maps and bus route booklets as well. There is always some one there who can speak English, so that helps as well.

Have fun!


  1. The only problem I have found with this site is that it doesn't list the 13. BTW, this is a bus that will take you to Supermaxi if you catch it at Primero de Mayo & de las Americas. I saw a post you had from a year and a half ago about a crazy bus adventure. I'm sure you have it figured out by now though.

  2. There is also a bus line #50.. it is not on any of the booklets either. So I have yet to "ride it to the end" to see where it goes. Also there is a bus line #1 and #1B...1B is not in the books.. both go basically to the same place.. not a clue why it is you know?

  3. So many changes in five years! The 9 became the 28, the 4 became one of the 13s, the 1 became the 3... and the city hasn't issued any new maps in over three years! Unfortunately, cuencatransit has been long gone, so I've tried to fill the gap left by them with
    Check us out and write me if you have any questions about getting around in Cuenca using the buses.

    1. Thank you Christopher for your update. I have totally lost what goes where since we moved to Paute, and bought a car.
      I am hoping that when the train gets finished they will do a whole new route booklet for the buses and the train.

    2. I hope they will too! I'm going to keep developing my project and strive to be more comprehensive for the value added, but I won't know if my maps are better until they actually make new ones! ;)