Thursday, December 15, 2011


 I was so happy to be able to return to Oregon to celebrate with my mom, siblings and other relatives, it was a great occasion, and we all were thrilled to see each other. Some traveling from California and Washington. I won the who came the farthest award though..

 My mom has recently moved into a manufactured home that she bought... for a $1. I know.. sounds pretty incredible, but these things do happen. Here's some photos I took while there.
It got real cold and foggy while I was there, so I started snapping photos of all the frosty stuff!

this is a photo of the sun... it was very dense fog.

I could not resist a photo of the moon. We dont see it very often in Cuenca.
Mom and I had a great time hitting all the Goodwill, Salvation Army and Thrift shops within a 20 mile radius
of her home, but also while we were out and about we stopped at a Pier 1... just to look. I could not resist taking a photo of this little guy. It would have made a perfect gift for my friend Karen Stephenson, but she is just going to have to do with the photo..
My brother put on Thanksgiving dinner at mom's house. He delivered all the goodies and then cooked it all.. we had a great time and of course I had to take a picture of the chef with the turkey, or is that the turkey chef ?

My kids, Adam and Kelsey were able to come down for the party so we got some pictures of them,as well as Kelsey's pup.. Nilly.
I had a wonderful time with my family and visiting with my mom. She whipped my rear almost every nite at scrabble, cribbage and even when I tried to throw off her game with a new one of Rummykub.. she still beat me.. I bow to her craftiness..
Merry Christmas Mom!


  1. Great pix. I'm sure we will hear the story of the $1 home.

  2. So glad you having good times with family. Merry Christmas! LT Murphy

  3. yeh! i loved your posts! i wish we could have spent the holidays with you guys...we miss you!