Friday, December 3, 2010


We are settling down in our new digs, finding places to put our bags and boxes of junk we have accumulated.. with the often spoke question.. Where is that...? I don't know, its in the sack or bag from the get the idea..

We decided that we needed a privacy fence after we noted that we were quite the oddity sitting out in our yard under our huge green umbrella. Lots of lookie loos.. Randy and Arturo go ahold of a nice "wood guy" who installed nicely stained wood over our metal fencing, so now we are enclosed and have a nice bit of privacy. Also its nice to block the dust from the traffic that zooms past our front yard.

We have left the one area open, and Randy has covered it with his favorite plant... Bamboo.

Our Veladors arrived.. (nitestands). We were so happy to see them and get rid of our boxes that we were using to hold out necessities.. light, earplugs, books!
Oh and guess what! There are LIVE bugs here.. yep, our past deceased guest has family and they visited us, well at least a brother or an uncle... it was a  HUGE LIVE beetle.. yuck. he had fallen on his back and couldn't get up.. sounds like a familiar commercial.. well he was all wiggly and I just screeched! Randy being the wonderful savior that he is, grouched WHAT IS WRONG! After I told him about the bug he was very insightful in telling me to JUST PICK IT UP.. right.. not going to happen.. He did and put it out side... Well thats not what I had in mind.. but his Karma is alot better than mine. So I have decided that if he comes back in I will introduce him to my nice solid size 10 shoes...

We found a Christmas tree... well not a live tree, but it is a nice 6 ft tree with trimmings. A couple are moving and were selling it.. with the help again of Arturo, we went and picked it up. Today I put it together.. Randy sat outside and smoked his cigar..
Randy's comment when he came in to look was, where are the decorations? You know sometimes you just got to remember you love them in spite of their faults.

Speaking of Randy, he did a wonderful job picking out my washer and dryer. I am in love. I really really missed the dryer. Fluffy towels, all warm on my face, and snuggly soft sheets.. they just dont translate to being line dried.
Introducing Mr. & Mrs. Whirlpool
Today we had a wonderful experience trying to pay a bill that is not ours. Yep. The last tennents or the landlord did not pay 3 months of waterbills. We got the hand delivered Cut off Notice in RED.. so we went with Arturo (see a theme here?) to the bank to pay the bill.. well the person who does utilities was out to lunch and would return in 20 minutes.  We returned in about 30 and was told that the bank and the utilities office internet was not working..ok.. Arturo had long gone his own way and we determined we should try walking up to the Fiera Libre Market, where we had seen an ETAPA office (all utilities and some phone). Well once again the theme was strong.. the person we needed to see was out to lunch, and they motioned that we could sit and wait. We did, well Randy did, I was impatient, so I left after about 30 minutes. Randy returned shortly after saying that a gentleman who spoke broken English had come in and relayed to him that the person he needed to see would not be in till 3. Ok.. well that was about 1.5 hrs out.. He returned and got the bill paid.. which by the way will be taken off our rent next month... (just fair warning Mr. Landlord if you read our blog)

Patience.. did I ever mention that we are still in the process of developing it? Randy is better at it than me. He can sit and watch people and be perfectly fine, me on the other hand will pester him to ask questions and figure out whats going on... his response is.. you ask if you want to know.. well that doesn't suit me so I just shut up and wait, until I can't anymore and then I get all fired up on what Spanish I can figure out.. or do what I did today... leave.. I was hungry any way..


  1. The place is looking great! I love watching your nesting process. Tell Randy we are ready for one of those Sunday suppers now! Enjoy the beach...

  2. Glad you have a Christmas tree -- looks lovely in the fireplace room! Enjoy!!!

  3. Great pics! Your new home is shaping up beautifully--and glad you got your washer/dryer! Looks like the Kimbler casa will be all lit up and cozy for the holidays (If you don't get around to the tree lights, Randy's cigar will surely do!)

  4. At least you are learning the word MANANA, contrary to popular belief, does not mean tomorrow. MANANA means NOT TODAY.

  5. Yep Michael you got that right. Also learning not to get upset over it either. Just becoming more adaptable.