Wednesday, December 29, 2010


The countdown has started here in Cuenca. I have seen people selling and wearing 2011 plastic eyeglasses. I haven't been brave enough to take a photo.

We survived our first Christmas here in Ecuador without too much drama. We both are not big night owls or large party folks, so our festivities were limited to a wonderful Christmas eve party given by our good friend Ida and her family. Normally, we were told, the guests have dinner at Midnight, but due to us being invited (6 gringos) they moved the time to 9 pm. Wow, I had to take a nap to just make it that late. The dinner was wonderful, all the expected Turkey and fixings you could want. Champagne and a great white wine. After dinner we were entertained by Ida's grandson,Nicky who played his guitar and sang, then not to be out done, Nicky's dad grabbed the guitar and serenaded us with an Ecuadorian song that struck a cord with the family who all joined in singing. It was very wonderful.

On Christmas day Randy cooked up a wonderful ham with fixin's for 4 of our friends; two who live here and two who are visiting. Our other friends, Chuck and Nancy stopped by to visit before they were off to another home for Christmas dinner. I caught them all outside enjoying our Christmas sunshine.
I got some pictures of our new dining room table all set, ready for the guests to come in..

We have been enjoying gettign settled into our new home. While I was in the States, Randy was in charge of getting the house all ready, and he also had fun buying some pictures that we had seen up at Turi. These are copies of a famous picture here in Ecuador. Ours are not signed so Randy has been trying to get Arturo to sign them so folks will think we have originals... so far Arturo just laughs..
To hang anything here you need a drill.. The walls are concrete block. Great for insulating and sound dampening, but not so good if you don't have a drill. I brought one back from the states, and I am happy to tell Eddie, he did a great job picking it out. Randy loves his new drill and has been busily hanging mirrors, pictures and wall hangings.

I am not too sure the placement of Che with Mickey is the idea he was going for..
We are looking forward to our first New Years here in Cuenca. We hear its quite exciting with burning effigies and lots of fire works. I am thinking I will have to get my naps in so I can stay up late to enjoy all the festivities... Happy New Year to friends, family and readers. May your New Year be all that you hope for...


  1. Thanks so much for having us over for Christmas dinner. Your home is beautiful and you guys are awesome hosts!

  2. your new home seems to have come together - how terrific. I'm glad to you have the Guayasamin prints in the living room. - Jani

  3. Do you still see or know Jason and Donna, are they alright ??