Tuesday, December 28, 2010


Right before Christmas our cooking class took a trip to the Cajas for a fresh trout dinner. Up high in these mountains the water is so pure and the fish are so prevalent that there are lots of little restaurants and fishing spots where you can catch your fish and have them cook it for you. Now thats fresh.

Before we had lunch we were taken to a place where the Virgin Mary had appeared 10 years ago. There were plaques and documents on a wall officiating this as a true appearance. It has since become a beautiful park where you can come and get in touch with whatever higher power you relate to.

Beautiful Cajas even higher up!

Wandering llamas

The place of her appearance.

Prayers and messages for the Virgin

Benches to reflect and pray

Waterfalls on a seemingly barren hill..

Watch your step its slippery... and then I fell...

Chela (Chef extraordinaire) taking a bit of a rest

Nice group photo

Loading back up.. how did we all fit before?

View from the 3rd row.. Chela and I were squished!

Our place of Almuerzo

Yep, trout swimming around the fireplace!

We were probably up about 11,000 ft elevation so the fire was welcome

The fishing pond outside of the restaurant

The folks pictured here were not having any trouble catching trout... I dont think there was a limit..

They call this a paper tree... the bark peels like a Paper bark birch..

My dad loved Daisys, I had to take this.. felt like he was here too!
We had a great day and everyone was full, tired and ready for the next big adventure in Ecuadorian Cooking...Thanks El Nomad for the fun times and thinking of great ways to teach us about the culture and the food in our new home!

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  1. Karen, Randy:

    Fantastic pictures. Looking forward to rejoining the cooking class when we return in May.