Sunday, October 31, 2010


As I have talked about before we love our rental, and the wonderful people who rent out our apartment; but because I want my mom to come visit, we need a place without stairs. And since her doctor says she can come visit we have come to the conclusion that we need to move.

We have found a place on the west side of town; a friend of a friend knew that someone down the street was moving... after a few phone calls we got to see the place before the people even started packing! Talk about luck! It is a nice house with a private parking area and garden area, which Randy will enjoy for his cigar smoking, and I will enjoy for putting in all kinds of plants and flowers.
We love the area, and hope that my mom will come soon and stay along time! This house has a maids room outside of the laundry area, so we have dubbed it Moms Room. She made sure we were aware that she was not filling in for the maid if she comes!

I especially liked the very first visitor that we got in our new place... we noticed him when we went to measure and I thought you all would enjoy meeting him..
Whoever says there are no bugs in Cuenca obviously has not had this little guy come by to visit. Fortunately for me he was already "expired".

I have been putting on my FB account about my travails and trials of trying to fly to Oregon to see my mom and pick up stuff Randy has been ordering since the inception for this trip, so I wont go into great detail, only to say that if you are a resident of Ecuador, you need your ORIGINAL Censo, they are not interested in your Cedula... they want that Censo. Well apparently the fates decreed that I got a very nice man who let me through with my copy... otherwise I would be lamenting here about my lost $1053 plane ticket and a missed trip home.

Since I have arrived home we have been shopping up a storm.. Today Friday,we are resting! While we were out though,I was taking pictures of the fall colors in the trees. Mind you these are not gallery quality as I was in the car and shooting in parking lots but the colors are just too pretty not to share. These are all taken in Salem, Oregon.

 As I said I came to visit my mom. Our moving to Ecuador was very hard on her and we/she had a very bad scare two weeks after we arrived. I was determined that as soon as our residency was settled I would figure out a way to go back home and see with my own eyes that she was ok! So within a few weeks of getting it settled I got my tickets. This is my mom..

 I am enjoying my quick trip, and will be going up to see my kids and friend in Washington later this week. I have heard from Randy that Cuenca is in full tilt for the holiday, and that nothing will be commencing on the new rental until Thursday... oh well, Cuenca time, how soon I forgot...

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  1. Sweet mom! And how about that new home set up with your mom's visit in mind--so happy this is working for all of you! Great pics of fall, too. We miss that here in Southern California. Looking forward to seeing more pictures of your new Cuenca home, your mom, and the cigar garden, too!