Sunday, October 17, 2010


We are very excited to host our very first visitor from our "old" home town, Richland, Wa. For those of you who have not followed our progress this far; we followed another couple from our home town here on a visit and ended up moving here 3 years later. We are hoping our visitor Dave feels the same way and comes here too.

We were up bright and early (make that VERY BRIGHT for me who does not like to get up early) and on the bus by 9 am. Randy and I are not very technical with our phone so when someone texts us, we either miss it or wonder why our phone is beeping. As we were riding the bus #7 to the airport, Dave had sent us a text saying that he was delayed in Quito for 45 min. Of course we only looked at the phone when he didn't arrive on time. "Randy", I said, "check your phone, did he call..?" Well no, but there was his text. Dave is so thoughtful that way. Of course it doesn't help if we don't check the phone occasionally.
Here is the sky weary Dave arriving this morning ready for adventure!

We decided to give him a bit of a break on the "en-culturation" so we took a taxi to the house instead of bussing him there. He was thankful.

We have not really given him much of a break though, we got him to the apartment, did the mandatory look see, figure out where everything was and how it worked, then it was off to the bus stop to head out to 3 de Noviembre market.  I think Dave took it as a challenge as we were telling him about the traffic, sidewalks and non pedestrian rights. He shot on & off the bus like a pro, dodging people, animals and vendors with the style only seen on gringos who have been here for months! He even commented that after watching us blunder across the street he decided to figure it out on his own, it was safer that way!

Being close to noon, the market was pretty empty, so it was nice to just walk around and look. We took him up to the most off putting area first..of course. The meat section. In the U.S. refrigeration is a big deal. Here not so much.
Roast pig, Randy is trying to buy some for burritos!

Don'cha just love these close ups..
Had to add this couple again... they were so cute..
We took Dave on a cross town walk to Kookabura for coffe and snacks where we threw him to the Gringos inside. He handled them with aplomb and I think he even still remembers their names! I think they like him, Rich came over and teased him so I told him .." you passed the Gringo test"!

Dave and Randy off to smoke cigars.. (8,300 ft elevation remember?) They got to see people doing their laundry and now I think a nap is on the schedule.

We are going to head off to Izhcayluma on Tuesday via Van. So Dave will get to see the Cajas and the Valley of Longevity while he is here. We are not sure what else will happen but we will just see how it goes.
Here is some pictures of Izhcayluma that I copied from Nancy Watson's blog.. does this count as plagiarism?
View of the valley
Where I expect Dave to be soon after we arrive
Ecuador's version of the yellow brick road!
It's fun to live here, and its fun to help others to discover Ecuador, it helps us see the sights with a new appreciation! I am looking forward to the next two weeks!

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  1. Hope we get back to Cuenca before Dave has to leave. Ya'll have a good time.