Thursday, October 7, 2010


Today is my birthday. I had a wonderful day here in Cuenca Ecuador and as I pointed out on Facebook today, it would not have been possible without my great husband. It is sometimes easy to think out of the box, but when you are in a relationship its really got to be both of you who agree to STEP out of that box. Thanks Randy for holding my hand and being there with me when we stepped out! I look forward to many more birthdays here in this great life we have in Cuenca.

Ok, enough sappy stuff.. Now about my day! We actually just played on the internet, I talked with my mom and did some small chores around the house.  Later in the day we met up with our friends Becca, Arturo and baby Kesha. They took us out to Fruitilados on Remigio Crespo to treat us to Coffee and Dessert.. I was the only one who had both! Its my birthday after all!

After our coffee and dessert we made out way to the Parque Calderon to just relax and people watch. I am not sure who watched who the most. Randy as usual was in his shorts and the local population really gets a kick out of his shorts in "winter" and also his tattoos seem to draw the young peoples interest the most. As we were watching the people I was looking at the beautiful trees and buildings and noticed some repair work being done.

As you can see they are pretty far up and I zoomed in to see if they had any kind of fall protection...

Nope, not unless you count that small railing down below them. We see this every day, but even though they work with no gloves, eye protection, fall protection or standardized scaffolding there does not seem to be the accidents that we would expect in this kind of situation.

Later we met up with some folks who are new to town, and Brenda and Clarke at the California Kitchen for dinner. For some reason I never got any pictures of all of us together. I think they did though so hopefully they will post them on their blog. BUT... I did get a picture of Randys dinner. He ordered the Double Cheeseburger... oh yeah, for those of you who dont know it... Randy USED to be a vegan before we moved here. Those days are past as you can see here..
$6 Cheeseburger! California Kitchen, Cuenca-Ecuador
We had a great walk back to the Parque Calderon wandering the streets looking at the lit up buildings and we noticed this Mural. We walk past it every day, and have never noticed it! At nite they showcase it with lights. We all just stopped and were amazed that we have never noticed it.
I had a wonderful First Birthday in Cuenca, and look forward to many more here! Oh and as a last picture. I thought I would add this one. Its a WHAT IS THAT picture... I will look forward to hearing what you think it is!


  1. Feliz cumpleanos, Karen! It was great seeing you tonight and I'm so thankful you had a spectacular day in Cuenca. Mark ordered the double cheeseburger as well (oh my!). The picture...(haven't got a clue?). Besos y abrazos!

  2. I think the picture is Clarke's nose!
    It was wonderful to spend part of your birthday with you! Hugs from all three of us!!!

  3. It appears to me to be a left nostril and maybe the strange glow is from one of those lightup nosehair trimmers. Am I right?

    p.s. Happy Belated Birthday!

  4. To all those who guessed:
    The Fabulous Mrs. Garate got it exactly down to whose nose it was! She should have been a detective.. the light is Clark helping with the photo by using his cell phone to Lite up his Nostril...(SOZ from the photo I would say we should make sure one of those is on his Christmas list!)
    Clarke is always up for anything, and harassing him is high on our list of daily activities.