Monday, March 29, 2010


Today I thought was going to be just another Monday... get up at 4:30 a.m., be at work by 6:00 a.m. That all worked out ok for me, but it went down hill soon afterwards.

It started at 6:30 when I was in a coworkers office and she received a outside call (noted by the double ring), It was a mutual friend calling to find out what was going on with me... she had just received an email stating that I was in London, and had been mugged..etc.. she was so happy to know it was all a ruse, but very upset.

I went back to my office and checked my bank accounts, and they seemed ok, so I changed my paswords and then the phone rang... my friend/coworker (who works in internet security) called .. I said, No John, I am not in London, and I was not mugged... he says, yes, I am on with them right now! OMG... I said can you track them down? He was not sure, but did get into accounts I couldnt access from work and changed up my passwords hoping to slow the crooks down.

I ended up going home, and changing my bank accounts, and contacting the internet banking fraud numbers, calling relatives and friends who knew that we are going to Ecuador... it was a very stressful day..

But you know what really stood out? The love...the concern and the caring of all my friends who are close by, who are far away and even the concern of banking officials to help me end run this low life. I realize that I have tons of people who care about me, and even though we dont talk that often they really come through when they think I am having "issues".

So today did not go as planned but I did learn a few lessons, Keep your passwords difficult, keep your security updated and manually run scans ALOT... dont open links in messages, and remember your friends and family got your back when you need them.

Oh and Randy says... dont forget he only has 2 days left of work!!!!!!!!


  1. OMG, that's scary! We just opened new bank accounts and my new password is so difficult, I can't even remember it! ;-)

    CONGRATULATIONS on coming into the home stretch (yeah!). Smooth sailing from here on out!


  2. Karen,
    another friend asked me the other day did i get that email! Hope you got all that straight and all is well!

  3. BTW..Congrats Randy!!!!!!!!!! You survived the corporate world! Happy Retirement!!

  4. I am still scared to do anything on the computer until I run a scan on it..

  5. Karen, those scammers also tried to contact me (via "you") that morning, with "chat" function on FB - Within a few sentences, came the "problem/in London" stuff. I knew, of course that it was a scam, and cut them off. Wanted to call you, but didn't have your phone number. This same scam was pulled on lawyer friends of mine in Cuenca.
    Glad you got them shut down, and everything taken care of!