Friday, August 8, 2014


We moved in March. So I am still catching up on blogs..

We were up and ready very early eagerly awaiting our movers. Being the custom here that what time is said is not really the time that is a reality; we were not concerned when our 8:30 move time came and went. When the big hand started past 9, we started getting antsy and by 15 after I was on the phone..

I have learned that a smile in my voice and a teasing tone goes along way here. Luckliy our mover contact (and owner) speaks great English so I did not have to worry about getting my "tease" across... Hey, Did you get lost? Sebastian, was very sweet and said his workers should have been there by now and must be parked somewhere nearby waiting ... I walked out and looked by did not find them.. only a few minutes later Sebastian showed up and said they had been parked on the Other corner.. sheesh.. I did not look there.

And then they ATTACKED! Oh my word, what a wonderful, smiling crew he has. They flung stuff up in the air like it weight nothing. I was totally amazed.

After a quick walk through of our house, during the prelimanary visit, we had been told two trucks could take all our stuff. We were uncertain until we saw how they seemed to have digital eyeballs that could calculate exactly what went where in the truck... even to the point of stuffing in small items so nothing jostled around. Knowing the road to Paute, with its curves, unexpected road hazards as well as the occasional cow, I was very happy to see them packing things so tightly.

After they had everything loaded up we were off to Paute. They met us there after lunch and began to unload. Wow... the energy and smiles were still there. Pretty amazing. Even when Randy and I pointed to two different directions on where furniture went... they just smiled and stood there waiting for a decision.

Everything was unloaded and they were off to another move by 4:00. We had to go back into town  and get the dogs (thanks Manon for being our Doggie Daycare for the week).

It was a long day, but the next was rapidly approaching and look who came to help unpack?

Then for lunch we all invaded Jani's house and she treated us to her 1st time Primo Corned Beef and Cabbage that she made from scratch! Oh it was delicious. And because she did not add some horrible chemical it was not pink! hooray for natural Corned Beef! I have never had it this way and I am now a true convert.. I may even have her show me how its done.
It was quite the move and we are still not totally unpacked. We are not quite two weeks into the house, and hopefully will be able to expand into the other side in one more week.

Stay Tuned I will post about the other side next.

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