Saturday, August 9, 2014


 While we were packing and getting ready for our move to Paute I read about a poor dog who was found up in the Cajas (13,000 ft elev). It was a dachshund. A boy, and he was fixed. Here is the picture that was posted......
Dexter when he was found
 I sent the poster a note saying that if she could not find the owner, I would take him.  This was an executive decision.. poor Randy he was so shocked when I told him that Holly was coming with a dog for us.

This is Holly, the day she brought Dexter to us.
 After Holly brought Dex over it did not take long to know that Frankie was going to not like it but would "deal" ok. So Holly left, and Dex started the bonding process with Frankie.

OK, you can lay here but I am going to ignore you,.... new dog...

Since Randy had never had the joy of naming a dog is was his decision. So after a few days he came up with DEXTER. I immediately shortened it to DEX, so he now answers to both... well kind of lifts his head.. no words are spoken. :)
I dont like that thing in your hand

Make her go away!

Since we have had Dexter, our life has taken a new turn. Frankie is more playful, they are buddies now and we have more joy in the house. Dex is only about 3 yrs old and has alot of puppy in him. He also loves to sleep ON you.. whether its in a chair or a bed he is right up against you.  We are hoping to make his life a wonderful one, and that he will never be cold or hungry again!


  1. Bravo to you both !!!!!

  2. Awesome! he looks so much healthier kudos to you two! :]

  3. What a cutie. We rescued what we think is half Dachshund and half Chihuahua. You could see every rib and spinous process, and her hair was really nasty, even tho short. You oughta see her today!
    Marty from Las Vegs