Tuesday, September 11, 2012


I am getting so many pictures on my camera that I need to clean out the ones that are just.. stuff. Some I have put on my FB page already, and some are in these blog posts. But some are just so random that I never put them in anywhere.. so before they are no more I thought some should just have the chance to be viewed.

My favorite tree in Parque Calderon, they trimmed it all back but it will come back all green.

Cool pots and statue

My plants in the green room are doing well..
An old patrimonial home we got to look at
And just in case you missed it in the photo above.. Randy with his new "do"


  1. Great photos. Randy is looking good! (I know a lot of men wish they had the full head of hair that Randy's got.)

  2. So good to see life is still beautiful in Cuenca. Randy looks good, too!