Friday, September 7, 2012


The weather here in Cuenca has just been dreary and cold; so when some friends asked us if we wanted to go and "Warm up in Vilcabamba" we jumped at the offer.

The trip to Vilcabamba is a long 4.5 hr ride over the Andes, over and down curvy roads filled with animals, cars, trucks and on this ride there were people... yes, young people all over both sides of the road. Walking and biking. They were all decked out with backpacks, rolled up pads for beds etc. We decided this must be some type of religious pilgramage. If it wasn't when they started, I am sure they found religion somewhere along those steep trecherous roads.

We arrived in Vilcabamba by  2pm. We stayed in town at the Le Rendez-Vous Hostal.. a great place
Here are some of the pictures I took while we relaxed and enjoyed the warmth!
This was a full rainbow, but I could not get back far enough to get the whole thing.. it was amazing
Of course we went out and ate, ate & ate. In town there is this juice bar that has all kinds of wonderful, good for you drinks, as well as healthy type food (We didn't eat there), we did go to a chinese restaurant that was great and another restaurant where they had mexican food that was nice and spicy (we were very happy), then on another day we went to eat lunch at a local bar. We had been told by some locals they had the best burgers in town. I had soup... it was marvelous..but here is the Burger Brennie got.. yes that is guacamole..Randy and Brennie agreed, it was a wonderful burger! Randys burger had a huge hunk of bacon and BBQ sauce.. for some reason I did not get his burger on "film".
It kind of squished out when she cut it in half.. oh well it was definately worth the effort. And those fries were very tasty indeed.

Brennie was very hungry because she had gotten up that morning and went on a 2 hour horseback ride (Why do they say "horseBACK ride".. would you ride anywhere else on a horse?) Anyway, as Randy and I meandered up a side street we heard the clopping of hooves on the asphalt. Here they came barreling down the road. I managed to snap this one of Brennie.. I think she was having fun!

We had a great time, exploring Vilcabamba and Loja, as well as playing cards and just enjoying the scenery and warmth.

Randy enjoying the sun and scenery while he smokes is cigar.
I prentended to sleep on the way back so i did not squeal and gasp as Clarke passed on blind curves; Brennie worked on her rag rug.. just as we entered Cuenca she completed it! Laura Ingles has nothing on Brennie!


  1. Cute post, Karen. Seeing your pictures makes me wanna go back! You forgot to mention the laughing attack we had playing cards. You guys make fun travel partners!

  2. Karen... loving you blog so much I added it to a new feature I have over on EcuadorGeorge. You are now featured on my blogroll and thank you so much for having me on yours... See you in January....

  3. Thank you for adding links to places you've visited, it makes it very helpful in planning a trip there and knowing of budget places to stay!