Monday, June 4, 2012


We have been enjoying our two house guests from Alabama. Sisters,Janice and Marilyn. They arrived last week, and unfortunately Janice has had some back issues, so their travel of the city has been curtailed until she is able to get up and around. Luckily for Janice there is a great massage therapist real close, Cameron Kasey, who worked her over and "got the kinks out". Janice is getting better and thinks after one more treatment she will be on her way to enjoying the sights in Cuenca.

We said good bye to another week long guest in the Penthouse, and are looking forward to meeting the next folks later today. Our next guests are very adventuresome and have rented a car. They will be driving up from Guayaquill, getting assistance from their GPS We are hoping to meet them at the condo later in the afternoon..

Tuesday I leave around 1:30 for Quito. I fly out to the US on Wed. morning about 6 am. If all goes as planned I will meet my daughter, Kelsey, in the Seattle airport about 10pm.

Kelsey will be graduating from Central Washington University on the 9th. I could not miss that! It is going to be a whirlwind trip.

There is a potluck party scheduled at  Kelsey's house on Thursday afternoon with all her friends.. and me!. My mom, brother and Sister-in-law arrive on Friday; Graduation is on Sat morning, we have a congratulatory lunch, then help Kelsey pack her stuff for the move back to the Tri-Cities for the summer. Sunday we have a good-by breakfast with my mom, brother and sister in law, then Kelsey and I drive over to the Tri- Cites.. Eastern Washington at its best... In my opinion.. Later that day is another graduation party at Kelseys dads house. Monday is business appts. Then in the evening is a BBQ with my friends. so far Tuesday seems open, but I am sure it will fill up. Kelsey will drive me back to Seattle in the early hours of I can make my 7am return flight.

I have two suitcases ready to go. One inside the other. I have the bare minimum of clothing for me. The extra space is for my mule-ing items for Randy and others in Ecuador. I will have a backpack filled to the brim, a large purse stuffed with small stuff and then the two suitcases packed to the 50lb limit.

There has got to be some kind of sainthood for this, but I guess if I talk about it then that negates it right? Darn..


  1. Great Blog Karen. We are enjoying your hospitality so much and with Randy's cooking we may become permanent guest. We will surely miss you, so have a great time & have a safe trip.

    Janice & Marilyn

    1. Thanks Ladies! It was fun having you. Hope the rest of your time in Ecuador continues to be wonderful! Please come visit again!