Monday, April 2, 2012


I am happy to report that I am well, not truly healthy but well. I still sound abit awful when I cough, but those times are being measured in hours not minutes! Also, the other good news is that Randy did not get sick!

Kelsey, will be graduating from Central Washington University in June. I was just back in the states in Nov.-Dec. for my Mom's 90th birthday, so we have stretched the budget once again and I am going back to Washington for her graduation. Can't miss your daughters graduation!

Last nite I went on the Matrix ITA software site and seached for tickets  from Cuenca to Quito (My main flight is out of Quito). I was very happy to find a reasonable ticket price. $66 RT. Due to the Government lifting the subsidy on airplane fuel the prices of tickets has risen. I printed out the flight details and today walked to a local travel agency nearby (SEITUR) they have a English speaking agent.  Malena was just on her way out the door. She interpreted for us that we wanted this exact flight, and for the agent to search those codes. She did, but their price was a bit more $73. Well I grabbed it, figured that was a $7 fee for the agency. Now I just have to find a good place in Quito to stay on my way to and from the US. Unfortunately the routes I take always leave at 6 am and arrive at 9:30 at nite! The planes here do not cooperate with redeye flights!

We have been out and about a tiny bit. Walking and trying to get back into our normal modes of getting around. While Randy had gout, then his ribs and then my cold... we have really lost our ability to walk like we used to!  I have some pictures too, so I have proof that we are out!

They had to do some removal of concrete that they put in on the new under/overpass construction. OOPS!

Then we noticed some new art work in El Centro. I thought it was very good.. the subject matter was a bit strange, but it was done very well.

Most of the houses in and around Ecuador are red tiled roofs. This is one of the very few I have seen that is not... and I love it. Nice and shiny blue!
today, after almost a year since purchasing them, we hung the wall hangings we bought in Otavalo, when Kelsey was here visiting! Wow, where did the time go? I think they look good! We used papyrus stalks for the "rod" at the top. On one I tied the little strings and the other I sewed the hanging to the "rod".. not bad for a guest room, huh?

Ecuador has been hammered with rain this year. There have been landslides up and down the country. In Cuenca we had a torrential rain and hail storm that over burdened a sewer system, and it collapsed. The neighborhoods affected were flooded up to the second story of their homes, with sewage. The local fire department came in boats to rescue folks off their roofs! I have read that up in the Esmereldas there is fear that the power poles for the main electrical grid may collapse due to land slides. Correa has declared many Cantons as disaster areas and aid is slowling coming. Our local Chamber of Commerce is appealing to the local community of Expats to donate at the Chamber or Red Cross.

 So now I have to say here, my little rant about the water leaking in our house seems inconsequential compared to all the folks who have lost their lives and homes due to this rain.

Hope you all are enjoying your spring weather, keep us soggy folks in Ecuador in your thoughts!

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