Sunday, March 25, 2012


My title leads me into what has been happening since I last posted. To say I have been sick is kind of a bland statement to the fact that every time I coughed it sounded like I was moving my lungs out of my body. Surprisingly, my chest muscles are not sore!

 Since the 15th of March, I have been down and out with a "cold". Randy who is not one to go to the Dr. let me wallow for a few days. I was taking Sinutab and just trying to remember not to touch anything, lest Randy have a hissy about how he did not want to get sick, and to just back off. Side note: Randy HATES being sick, and is really down when he is, so he avoids all those who even hint at illness.

After 3 days of getting worse, and I still was not willing to go to the doctor, my philosopy was.. "Randy, there is no color.. that means no infection, it's just a cold. What could he do that the Farmacia cannot do"? So Randy being the great caretaker that he is, trotted off to Farmacia Economica and let them know my symptoms and what I was currently taking. They gave him some Comtrex and Codeine pills, along with a antibiotic in case infection started in.

I have to say, this is pretty nice, since the owners are the parents of our doctor whose office is right upstairs. But most pharmacies are like that here, they are able to give medications without a prescription, and in this case I was very happy, because the idea of walking or even riding the scooter up to the doctors was NOT on my todo list.

I double checked the antibiotic to be sure I could take it ( I am allergic to penicillin), no issues there. But like I said, there was no infection.. just a horrible cough, a wet rattling in my chest and head congestion. Randy had moved to the recliner after the first nite of horrible coughing and snoring, so the only one who really benefited from the codeine was me.. I slept all nite. Oh it was wonderful. I still was propped up on 4 pillows but I could sleep!

I meandered between the bed reading, computer cruzing, bed knitting, and bed sleeping. Day in, Day out. One nite I went down and tried to sit and watch TV with Randy, but I gave out after the 1st hour of watching Vampire Dairies. I love that show, so to give up after one show (we have the whole season 2) tells you how lame I have been.

Randy has stuck pretty close to home, making sure I took my medicine, drank water and generally stayed away from his "clean zone". But the following Thursday I was getting alot better and by Friday I was out for a quick  3 pm coffee at Mocha Cafe with a bunch of friends. Saturday, we taxied to San Sebas and were treated to Breakfast by our friend Paul. Then on Sunday, today, we rode the scooters over to Kookaburras for breakfast.  I managed to make it all the way without one coughing fit so I think I am "healed".

It has been nice being back out and about, the weather has been sunny and I get to see what all has changed in one week! There is even a new store at our Las Americas Mall where the Supermaxi is. It is a Indian type store with all kinds of beautiful wood bowls, and folding wood bowls, and ornate clocks. There are some beautiful Sari type shawls and scarves as well. I will have to start saving my pennies to buy something nice from this store, any of those items would go great in our eclectic themed house. (notice the reflection in the window.. thats our scooters)

I am hoping I have more to talk about next week. We are going to try to go to a Blues concert on Monday nite. Then we will see what else is going on for the rest of the week, I got lost time to make up for!


  1. Karen, So glad you for feeling better.

  2. Hello Kimblers;

    Over the past two days, I have read every one of your blog entries and I have to commend you for the discipline to stick with it. I am moving to Cuenca over the next few months and other than me and than my 2 small dogs, like the two of you and the Pombos, I will be traveling light. I plan on 3 trips, one with the critters and two with stuff. It's nice that LAN allows 2 50 lb bags and one carryon at no charge.
    I am leaving from Miami and LAN flies nonstop to Guayaquil every day, so I don't have to overnight in Quito.

    I have had to good fortune to meet a very nice Ecuadorian woman on my last trip who wants to bake cookies for me---. She is scouting the housing situation and I am hoping she will be able minimize or eliminate the Gringo Tax. I will not be looking for a place in what has become known as "Gringo Gulch", but in a neighborhood with Ecuadorian families.

    On my next trip, I was going to rent a furnished place while I look for an unfurnished home. But I think I will bite the bullet and look for something unfurnished and begin to furnish it while I am there, which will be about 3 weeks.

    I am curious about where you purchased your furniture and are you happy with the quality and price—or would you recommend another source. I already have a used queen bed and nite stands, so I won’t have to sleep on the floor.

    Any advice you have will be welcome

    Malcolm Reding

  3. Michael/Malcolm,
    Thank you for reading our blog! Why don't we correspond
    via, my email account. Looking forward to hearing from you.