Sunday, February 26, 2012


Neither Randy or I feel like we have accomplished alot these last few weeks. He has been trying to recover from his run in with the car.. Oh, I did not tell you about that did I ? Well Randy rode the scooter over to the Condo that we help manage., and decided at a red light, that from the left lane he would cross over in front of the guy in the right lane, to go to the right.... Unfortunately.. that fellow decided to run the red light.. can you say INTERSECTED.

Randy is better, of course he would not go to the doctor and beside a few scrapes on his legs and some very very sore ribs he is managing quite well. The scooter? Nothing that a bit of black duct tape couldn't handle. He and scooter now have "war wounds", not to be repeated!

Since Randy has been house bound our new friends Kim & Christine have introduced us to a new card game.. we were assured we would catch on quickly and that is was alot of fun..well I beg to differ. Everyone but me caught on, and did well.. I just fussed and groused alot.. I was actually a bit childish.. felt good.. but I am over that now. I have discovered it on my computer, so I have been practicing and feel a bit better about my showing the next time we play.

The weather here has been very unpredictable. We had our version of Mardi Gras and the highlight is to throw water and spray foam.. Our town was dead quiet because most go to the beach where its real warm and you dont mind getting wet there. Here it was not conducive to getting wet.

Our flowers are going great guns, and the new chopped up piece of cactus is really happy. It put forth a flower! This was just a little stump we put into the ground a few months ago.. I think its happy, don't you?
We have been struggling with our hot water situation for a few weeks now. It will come and go. We thought it was the tanks, being old and beat up.. We called our handy man Hugo to come and see if he could tell what the problem was. It turned out that the Califone ( hot water gadget)  needed a through cleaning and some new spark thingys.. I don't know the technical term, but it works now. It was so funny, I was about to ask Hugo if he needed a ladder.. oh no, he just stood back and took a running leap up onto the wash sink out doors.. Of course I was handy with my camera.
Today we "got out of dodge" and headed to Paute for the 152 yr celebration of Paute becoming a Canton.. what that is exactly, I don't know, but there was a BIG party in Paute today. A beautiful warm day..I was actually sweating at one point, I was thrilled. The bus was crammed coming and going. I could do a whole blog on the parade alone but I will save that for later.. now I just want to show you the great shot of Kim trying to get a autograph of a well known celebrity, who just happened to be in Paute that day..
" I love you, You love me, We're a happy family, with a great big hug from me to you, Won't you say you Love me too?" 

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