Sunday, February 5, 2012


This is February, right? I had to check, because we are still having Paseo de Nino parades here in Cuenca.. Paseo de Nino is a parade that happens right before Christmas. You might remember in my blog post about the parade,I said that all the photos I took were of the participants waiting to begin the parade.. well I am thinking that these last few days are more that never made it to the actual parade.

We had arrived at Kookaburras for a afternoon bite to eat and I noticed alot of rose petals on the road.. I thought, oh there was a parade this morning. Inside Chris and Jenni said yep. there was a huge one with loads of rose petals that the street sweepers clean up. Within 10 minutes I hollered, OH look Jenni, another parade! Sure enough, it was a big one. Here are some photos I got while out watching it pass.. no candy though.. I was a bit let down..

A little video as well..

Late in the day we were able to celebrate with Diana and Nicco.. tomorrow is his 18th birthday. Randy whipped up an eclectic mix of vegetarian dishes, and we ended the feast with a wonderful cake that Diana and Nicco brought.

So again, we had a wonderful lazy Sunday with lots of fun things happen, that we never expected when we woke up... ahhh life in South America, it's always a surprise!

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  1. What great pics!
    The parades in Cuenca sound like so much fun, and looking forward to visiting there soon!
    Hi to Randy