Tuesday, June 21, 2011


When I call my family back in the states we always discuss the weather. The weather there, the weather here, and the odd weather all over the world. I don't know if this is just a family thing; as we have always done this, or if its because we are intent as humans to have a predictable pattern to follow.

Well, if we need a predictable pattern to follow, we are out of luck... most anywhere lately. Our Spanish teacher told us this is the dry season, and soon it would be windy. Well we have had wind, chill and the occasional wonderful sunny day that just makes you smile and want to head out for a long long walk... with your umbrella.

To says that we (me mostly) do not trust the weather here is an understatement. When we first came in 2008 to visit friends, (Feb.) we were enthralled that it would be sunny and then every afternoon like clock work it would rain, and then the sun would come back out... what a perfect predictable pattern.. easily dealt with, and predictable.. well somewhere in the world "they" skewed the predictability of weather patterns all over the place.

Ok, so just in case some one is thinking that I am whining.. or upset with our life here.. I am not. I love it here. I guess I am just saying that I would appreciate a bit more predictability 'cause I can't get it right about what to wear or bring when we leave the house. Here is a example. Father's day we went to a Garden Party. It was a gorgeous day, sunny, warm and just an amazing day. We rode the bus with our friends Jacob & Sharon, it was all warm and cozy in the bus, the windows were open and everyone was smiling that is was a wonderful day in the neighborhood!

We get to the party, and the clouds began to gather.. a bit of rain started to fall, then it picked up, the wind came too, and within 5 minutes there was a downpour so strong that all the folks who were squeezed inside the tiny house began to oohhh awww, OH MY!  We could not hardly see the trees for the downpour.. Then I realized what everyone was in awe about... it was HAIL! HUGE hail... and it kept on for about 10 minutes.  Then it turned into rain again...

I kept an eye out for a break in the weather, and when it looked like the sun was coming back, I gave Randy the high sign that we needed to leave  ( he did not bring his coat, cause it was so sunny!)
Hail about 20 minutes after the storm!

Our 12ft tall Sunflower did not survive the hail storm
We arrived home in time to watch the next wave of rain come through, and luckily there was no more hail. We have heard since that the outlying areas only had rain. In old town we were treated to the whole majestic treatment! I wonder if they have hail damage insurance here for cars?


  1. I read some place that people with predictable weather don't culturally talk about the weather. I just Googled the concept and http://www.ilovehateamerica.com/ provided the following commentary:

    "We (Filipinos) really don't (talk about the weather) because probably talking about it is absolutely boring and unnecessary. Day after day after day it's just the same. So imagine if we try to spice up our conversations with "How is the weather outside?" "Oh thank God, it's a lovely sunny day" ~ every day out 365 days a year; is that of any interest to you?

    The author was commenting that North Americans talk about the weather a lot! That's cause we've GOT weather. All sorts of it (!) and it's highly unpredictable. Aren't we lucky that it turns out Cuenca's weather is unpredictable too. What would we have to talk about otherwise?!

    Great Blog Karen

  2. Karen, I went back to the 'beginning' of your adventure, and I must say we sound very similar, and your husband sounds like a fun, albeit laid-back type just like my Ken. I found myself laughing out loud when you posted something like" "I'm about to get MEAN" cause you were so hungry. Oh my gosh, that struck a chord with me, because I am the exact same way! And, I am a wine snob (Washington wines are pretty darned tasty!) and I am one of 'those' people who think it nothing to have a glass (or a bottle) of wine in the evening!

    We are headed to Salinas EC in less than a week to scout out the area, and your story gives me hope that IF the Ecuador coast is indeed the place for us, then we can liquidate almost everything like you guys did.... (Ken's stereo equipment and some drums will somehow have to get packed)

    I just started a blog as well, Tamster's Travels, because all my friends think I am nuts when Ken and I go on these scouting trips - we have been on a few (!) so this way they can keep up with our adventures and maybe see the beauty we see, and the possibility of an incredible life outside the US.


  3. Hey Tami, glad you enjoyed our story. I hope you find what you are looking for on the Coast. There are alot of really nice folks on the coast who can help you in your search. Check with Nancy Levin, Finding our Paradise in Ecuador. She lives in Salinas and can probably direct you to others.
    Good luck!