Sunday, June 5, 2011


Our house is situated across the street from the Tomebamba River. There is a high bank so we cannot see the river even from our Second story window... but we can hear it. Well Randy can hear it. I can only hear it when there are storms in the mountains and  the water comes rushing down the river through our neighborhood. I have been hearing it lately.
Randy is always a good visual aid!

White water rafting anyone?

We have continued with our Spanish lessons, faithfully 2 times a week. We understand our stamina and know that anything more, our poor brains will be fried. As you can see from this photo, our teacher has had to resort to some strong teaching methods to keep us on track. Even with just the one hour lessons!

When we are not studying, we are enjoying our garden, and learning about the way plants grown here in this climate. I planted seeds for Sunflowers, not paying attention to the planting directions; even though these were seeds for the South American zones. Well our Sunflowers have grown, and grown, and grown. They are HUGE, but now because it was so cloudy and rainy we are noticing they have major scale and sad places on them. Live and learn... follow the directions.

Poor guys, all covered in white crusty stuff

Somethings just keep on going... even under stress!

The bumbly bees love them!

Can you see how he is covered with pollen!

We were invited to our friends house to see their newest addition. It is a combination motorcycle and truck. They are seen alot in Asian countries, as well in some of the other coastal towns here in Ecuador. I took alot of photos of them in Piura, Peru too. They are not very common here in Cuenca, even though they are sold in a local store. Our friends said the sales people were very excited, as this was the first one that they sold. I never did get a good photo of the OWNERS of this cute little rig, but I did want to show it to you anyway.

A perfect dashboard for a coffee cup holder...

1 windshield wiper

Randy with a expectant look... sorry..not gonna happen...


  1. Aw come on Karen, Randy should be able to get one.

  2. I wonder if you need a licence to drive it?

  3. Anonymous...A motorcycle license is required as the vehicle is power by a 150 cc motorcycle. The driver also needs to wear a helmet.. although I have personally seen folks on regular motorcycles who are not wearing helmets, so maybe that law is not enforced regularly.