Friday, May 13, 2011


Wednesday started out a lot later.. almost 10. Both Chella and I slept in. Just in case you forgot, they don't speak any English, so I was glad I had rested up my poor brain for another day of intense concentration.

After breakfast Chella and I went over to the Priests offices to speak with him about coming and doing a mass at the dedication. Again he was not there, but were told to come back at 4.
Little park in the center of town, across from the church

We were supposed to meet up with Lisandro (Chellas brother) to go up to the school, but he did not return; so after a bit I was asked to assist Teresa across the street and to the hair salon to get a pedicure and manicure. Ok, if you are a guy you can skip this part, but if you are lady read on!

First off the price for both is $6...not each. The pedicure itself takes almost 2 hours. There are about 5 different parts to it and it is a very intense hands on process. I had to admire how they figured out how to get it all done. The sink did not have hot water. So there is an electric water heater device that drops into the bucket that they place in the sink, when the water is warm, they pour it into the foot massager pan. Then they sit on a small stool at your feet and begin working on all the details of getting your feet smooth, massaged,smelling pretty and the nails perfect. Then you are moved to the manicure table (same lady) who then does your nails in a rapid fire session of buffing, massaging and working over your nails. Oh, and you pick out what kind of design you want painted on your nails.. you can have only one or all of your nails done.. NO EXTRA CHARGE.. and the design is painted, not a press on type design. It was pretty amazing. I did not last for the whole event. Chella came over to rescue me about 2:00, and she stayed with her mom until her fingers were done. I went home and whoofed down my lunch!

Lunch was fantastic, it was Goat. I have never eaten goat, and did not know it was goat until I was eyeing someones plate and they asked me if I wanted more I did the dictionary thing.. waaalah.. oh Si, por favor!

After lunch we rested up and then at 4:00 we headed back over to the church. The Priest was in..he checked his calendar and agreed that he would be able to come. The family would need to provided transportation, tablecloth, wine, bread, a candle, flowers, grapes...and his fee of $70.  We went back to the house. Everyone was gathered outside in the shade out front. We explained what was needed. Chella's sister Netta agreed to come along and off we went. We got all the necessary items and ordered the flowers. More family arrived, and Marta asked Chella and I if we would like to take a little walk with her. It was about 7:00. We went to the local bank and then she took us out to eat at her favorite restaurant. It was country chicken, it was in a brown sauce. I was told it was a very typical way of eating chicken if you were in the "campo". When the first plate arrived, they made sure that it went to me..I gulped when I saw that it was the neck, foot and something else that I was not able to identify. Marta noticed my hesitation and when the next plate arrived she had Chella switch with me.. Oh did I tell you I LOVE Marta..The chicken was delicious, but I am glad I did not have to eat that foot. I have no photos; I did not bring my camera.. but I did have my documents!
Just a street scene in Macara
 After we got home I headed for the shower, as most of the family were outside or in the kitchen discussing the upcoming event. At about 9:30, and a few phone calls it was decided that they needed to head back to the restaurant in town and firm up the dinner for the dedication on Friday. ( Again, the only reason I am able to tell you this is because I am telling you what I found out AFTER we went there, I never really knew what we were doing until we actually got to where we were going..) The restaurant owner let us in (she was in her P.J.'s. We all sat in the restaurant; prices, plate sizes, food and drink were firmed up and the down payment was made. We got home by 10:30.. I smelled my brain smoking so I excused myself and went to bed.

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