Monday, May 16, 2011


On Saturday around 11:00 we all loaded up into a rented van and the family SUV to get all of us up to the school where Marta teaches. Her school is on the way to the family farm. It was started in 1999. Marta is a teacher, janitor, and assistant in the kitchen, and fund raiser. She is a one woman wonder.
We were the only ones that I saw who came to eat. We were a bit early, but I was still surprised that more of the community did not come to support this school.
All gathered around the table in the main eating area.

Marta in pink, overseeing the cooks

Neena and Chella
 This school is a public school just like the one we went to the day before. It relies on the government to remember to send funds for its needs. There are only 12 students in this school, so it is one of those who sometimes are not remembered financially. Besides the fundraiser lucheon, the school has a nice paved area for soccer, volleyball and basketball. The local folks come to play and have tournament games as well. The school sells drinks and snacks as another way to fund their school.

There is also a cock fighting pit on the grounds. This is also used as a way to fund the school I am not sure if they only sell drinks and snacks or if there is a fee paid to fight.

Chella demonstrating how the participants sit and cheer on their favorite bird.
 After the lunch and a rest at home, Lisandro waved at Chella and I and said lets go! We both declined until Litchee (Lisandro's wife) pulled a sad face and said PLEASE! In Spanish and English! I had no clue where were were going.. I joked by asking "Voy a Peru?".. They said no, no.. up in the hills..ok.. so I knew that much. Well it turned out that we were going to a birthday party. Lisandro had run into a friend who told him about another friend who was having a huge party.  Family had come from the US, Peru, Canada, and Columbia as well as here in Ecuador.

As soon as we arrived food was put before us.. Lunch... I told you we were early for the other lunch right? Well we were at the tail end of lunch at this party. We ate.. ugh I was so full, it was pork. Oh yum, it was good, and had the crispy skin that is real real hard, and almost a clear brown. It sounds disgusting but its real tasty!
See that crackly skin.. it really does taste good.

The band had begun to play, there were men walking around with big bottles of Johnny Walker Red Whiskey, pouring into all of the gentlemen's plastic cups. These guys had been here for quite a while, and were feeling no pain. There were also ladies walking around with tall glasses that had ice, water and whiskey. These were for the "ladies" to share! The communal glass was passed around for a dainty sip. I think I shocked them by asking for my own cup. I was either rude or being a lush..

Lisandro grabbed his wife for dancing and encouraged me to come along. I thought, why not.. so out I went. Lisandro immediately passed me off to his "good friend, since grade school".. he was one of those who were feeling no pain. We had a good time but I managed to extricate myself from dancing after a few wild rounds on the grass dance floor.

We seemed to be the center of attention here.
After the delicate extrication process it started to get a bit dark. Litchee asked (in Spanish), "Does it not bother your husband if you dance with men when he is not here"? I smiled and said, no he doesn't mind as long as it is not dark! She grinned and nodded in agreement with that.

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